Winterproof your hair: celebrity hair stylist James Johnson’s ultimate guide

Have you ever considered what your hair goes through during the winter? James Johnson shares the exclusive tips he uses on his celebrity clients on how to keep maintaining your hair.

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Contending with cold weather and indoor heating your, hair can go through a lot ranging from dry hair, a dried-out scalp, breakages, split ends, and frizz. You may be wondering how to chop the chances of winter damage to your locks? Well, your hair-care during winter should be tailored for the season.

Many celebrities are known for their sleek and highly stylish hairstyles and haircare, and talented hairstylist James Johnson tells us his secrets to maintaining his client’s healthy hair. James has worked with many celebrities in the industry including, Gemma Collins, Mel B, Billie Fairs, Katie Price, Jacqueline Jossa, and Elle Darby. He said: “Just because the winter months change and it may feel colder, your hair still needs everything it needs. Using the right products to adapt your hair to what is going on in the world outside.” One of the biggest mistakes people make in the winter is colouring their hair and, “a lot of people think they should go darker which I don’t disagree with because I think its nicer to be warmer at Christmas time, however, trying to get that back out with bleach in the summer that’s when it damages,” said James.

“A pinch me moment was doing Mel B from The Spice Girls. Super iconic, really cool to work with, lovely lady and fun.”

Having this in mind, you want to ensure you look after your hair when it comes to styling it for the festive season. James told us the best way to do this is to “prep your hair, use the right product for when it’s wet, blow-dry it in, prep it when you’re styling and use good hair sprays.” You can find James Johnson’s top hair products here along, with his advice on how you can maintain healthy hair.

Color WOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray 200ml | £20.80 Look Fantastic
In the winter our hair can become more prone to damage which is why this sleek and silky texture spray can help. According to James “This prevents the moisture from getting in. It uses the same technology as outdoor furniture where the water runs off such as when you spray suede shoes and they become waterproof.” If you are needed a pump of moisture in your hair this would work perfectly.

Color WOW Dream Cocktail kale infused 200ml | £24 Look Fantastic
Enhance your hair with a leave-in treatment that adds volume and body back to colour treated hair. “This is a leave-in treatment and this makes your hair 50% stronger. It is heat activated so as long as you’re using that you won’t get any damage to the hair,” said James Johnson.

It’s a 10 Leave-In conditioner, 120ml | £17.50 Selfridges
A leave-in conditioner can help repair daily damage along with maximum moisture without resulting in any heaviness. “It’s a ten leave-in conditioner works if you are working from home or you do not like blow-drying your hair or if you are still going to blow dry your hair. This product has ten benefits in one spray which is nice to leave in or use on its own,” said James Johnson. Ten benefits in one? A miracle worker if you ask me.

Invisibobble Original Hair Tie (3 Pack) | £4.99 Look Fantastic
Perfect for any style or occasion, they hold your hair in place without any clips and pins. According to James Johnson, it is “not the first thing people would think of when it comes to hair care products so if you are tying your hair up a lot then it’s going to stop the hair breaking.”

Redken Extreme Duo | £40.68 Amazon
A good shampoo and conditioner can help treat your locks and help cleanse and protect your
hair without any extra weights. “A lot of these shampoos on the market have cheap ingredients in and these ingredients can stick to your hair which can make a film on your hair that can weigh it down or discolour it,” said James Johnson. Time to ditch our regular shampoo and conditioner and switch it up.

Moroccanoil Treatment Original 25ml | £13.45 Look Fantastic
During the winter months, shiny, silky hair is a must-have to bring your hair to life. Infused with antioxidant-rich argan oil and strengthening proteins and vitamins. This helps create the perfect foundation for hairstyling that can help lock the moisture in and make your hair hydrated again. 

If you’re interested in more hair style tips and tricks along with seeing some amazing hair style, make sure to check out James Johnson on Instagram.

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