Winter Skincare Saviours You Need To Try

Skincare has always played such an important part in our everyday routine and a part of us which we have to take care of especially during the colder months when the skin needs the most TLC. I have been trying out some new products in my routine which I personally felt had to be mentioned on here because they have been such a blessing to my skin lately since it has been getting so cold here in the UK. If you are like me and tend to switch between products during the different seasons then this post is definitely for you and most of these products I have never tried before but I was highly impressed. Would you like to know what these products are? Then carry on reading!

Pixi Nourishing cleansing balm
Pixi has always been a brand I have heard so much about it but I would never really reach towards their products for some reason, however, after the M&S Beauty advent calendar event, I completely fell in love. I was introduced to the cleansing balm by my friend Terrance and I highly thank him for it because not only is it so nourishing and replenishing but it has completely cleared my skin up from any breakouts or redness. What more could you ask for! This has become a staple for me and during application, you only need to apply a small amount to massage into the skin which means you won’t have to buy another tub for a while.

Pixi Hydrating milk mist
In continuation from Pixi, I have also been obsessed with their hydrating milk mist which I use over my moisturiser. It is filled with hyaluronic acid, to attract water and maintain moisture levels and leaves you with dewy and a clear complexion. I love using this on a morning because it just instantly wakes me up and feeling refreshed which is perfect for them dark gloomy mornings when you’re getting ready for the day ahead when instead you just want to crawl back into bed; yes I can so relate. If you are wanting more hydration and a youthful appearance, I would pop this into your basket next time you are shopping, you won’t be disappointed.

NYK1 Tan Force
During the cold months, I still love to tan because I am super pale as it is, therefore, I still love to feel like I have a bit of a summer glow to me. I started to try this tan out and instantly loved it. It comes with two tan mits, one to use for your body and a little one to use for your face which I think is so good because you can then apply it evenly without it going patchy. This tan glides on your skin as a white foam (it actually looks like hair mousse) and has no smell whatsoever which is such a bonus because sometimes there is nothing worse than having that “biscuit tan smell”. This was perfect for me to use during the party season and I have brought it into the new year with me when I am in the mood to fake tan. It is a definite tan to try out and NYK1 is going to be a good upcoming brand.

NYK1 Lash Force
The NYK1 Lash Force is a 3 in 1 eyelash & brow serum that combines and amplifies growth to leave you with luscious, thick, long lashes. I have never tried an eyelash serum before so this was completely new to me but since I have used it, I have noticed a difference to my lashes. They seem more healthy and perfect when I apply mascara because they are more fluttery which is perfect.

Burts Bees Lip Balm
Hydrating your lips is a must-have essential when it gets colder because no one likes cracked lips and Burts Bee lip balms are so hydrating and provide moisture to lips. I always have one handy on my dressing table because you never know when you may need it!

Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
I have never been one for using any eye makeup remover because I never had found the perfect one up until now when I discovered this little gem in my advent calendar last month. I kid you not, it is one of the best eye makeup removers I have ever used. I simply apply mine to a cotton pad, leave it on my eye for about 5 seconds and gently rub it off my eye which removes nearly all of the makeup. It isn’t harsh on your eyes and can even get rid of that mascara that you have been wearing all day. It is definitely a must have to purchase and I know when I run out I will be going out and buy a new one.

These products are just some which I have been loving during January, and I felt you needed to know about them because they will save your skin this winter.

Please let me know which products you have been loving this month and I need to try…

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