What I Got For My 18th Birthday

Birthdays are always so much fun and I actually couldn’t believe I turned 18 this year like that still blows my mind. If you have been reading this blog for a while or are just new around here, normally this time of year I like to do a post about what I got for my 18th birthday because I don’t know about you but I am so nosey and I just love to see what people receive. In my opinion, these posts are one of my favourites to write because I love looking back on them in the following years and remembering all the sentimental memories and gifts from each birthday. If you would like to hear about my crazy birthday shenanigans and what I received from my friends and family carry on reading…

My birthday weekend consisted of me, my friends and my family over the course of two days. On Friday night, me and my family went out for a delicious meal at Harry’s bar and restaurant in Newcastle. If you have never been, I highly recommend it because their food is out of this world and the whole atmosphere and customer service in the restaurant is outstanding. They definitely made me feel so welcome and attended to everything we liked on the night and I honestly couldn’t thank them for an amazing night. After one too many cocktails later we all decided to go home since I had work the next morning (definitely a perk lol).

On my birthday morning, I woke up to the smell of fresh pain au chocolat, cups of tea and seeing rose gold confetti balloons scattered across the floor. It was like rose gold paradise along with the two rose gold inflatable 18 balloons too! I spent the morning sitting eating a very tasty breakfast feast and spending time with my loved ones.



18 wine glass

IT (2017)

The Wedding Ringer (2016)

Rose gold Guess bangle

Calvin Klien underwear (never comes in wrong)
Calvin Klien jumper
Tommy Hilfiger jacket
18 Mug

Then Kindly of my girls, I received some lovely gifts. The following night I met up with my friend Nikki and we went to a restaurant for a meal and cocktails after work and it was so lovely; the service was to an outstanding and the food was so yummy.  Since I was at work the following day I didn’t have too much to drink but we had a lovely catch up and a nice gift exchange. I’m the type of girl who loves personal and sentimental things because I just think it makes the gift seem so much more closer to heart. Nikki knows how much I love photography and taking photos which is why I am always getting them printed. I love the idea of having all them memories to look back on in years to come which is why I love making scrapbooks, mainly because I love to be creative which is why Nikki decided to make me a scrapbook filled with some of our favourite memories going back about 7 years ago to the present day! What an emotional mess I was reading this, it was so personal but yet so sweet to relive all them memories on paper. I can’t wait to begin to fill the rest of the book with more memories to come in the future and hopefully the next time we have a look at these it will be completly full.



Personal Friendship Scrapbook
Shopping check list card
A camera photo album 
On the sunday after I finished work my best friend Lissa payed me a visit with some goodies. We had such a chilled evening catching up on gossip and just reliving loads of memories we had which was so sweet. She knows how much I love my jewellery therefore she decided to get me a bracelet set which is so cute! I am actually wearing the rose gold one on my wrist since it matches my watch and bangle but I decided I would wear the gold one as an anklet which looks super cute for the summer too! She also brought me cookies too because I am a tad addicted which goes to show she knows me so well.

Bracelet set

Finally one of my other best friend’s Lulu got me a really cute champagne flute with 18 on it. I feel like you can’t turn 18 without getting a wine glass or a mug without 18 embossed onto it. Is that just a UK thing, I have never been too sure but here in the UK, it’s a common occurence. Along with the glass, she got me two bottle of alcohol too because when turning 18 here in the UK, you are officially legal which means alcohol seems to be a perfect gift according to most.


18 Champagne glass
Overall I had the most amazing birthday with the most amazing people which I still can’t get over how grateful I am to share it all with my loved ones. If it has been your birthday recently what did you get for your birthday and how did you celebrate?


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