What I Got For My 17th Birthday

Hey, everyone, it’s Caitlyn and welcomes back,

I still find it so scary how we are halfway through the year already, like that’s insane. Me and my friends were talking about how quick, it’s going by and if you follow my social media, you will know it was my birthday on the 22nd June to which I turned 17. This meant I thought I would show you what I received for my birthday from my friends and family.

What I got for my birthday | 2015 post

*Disclaimer – I am not trying to brag, I just wanted to show you all what I got as I know my last birthday post you all loved, therefore, I wanted to do another. Plus it gives you ideas for gifts for birthdays coming in!
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Old Skool black and white vans

These guys, I have wanted for a very long time and recently have merged their way back onto the high street fashion because recently I have seen everyone wearing them. They are such an amazing pair to add to the collection and definitely add that skater girl vibe to any outfit you pair them with.

 Black tote bag – New Look

Okay, can we please just take a minute to admire this bag. I had seen this bag while browsing on New Look’s website and I instantly fell in love with it! The bag its self is just a black leather tote which has gold coloured metal rings as handles which I love, however it can also work as a shoulder bag too since it has a strap you can clip on. Then the inside of the bag I’m kinda obsessed with because normally bags would have a zip or clasp but no this had drawstring which you pull shut and I think this is so clever because it means it can keep all your belongings safe which I love.

 Revlon make up splurge 

If you didn’t already know Revlon has always been my holy grail drugstore brand when it comes to makeup and I received four products from Revlon: the photo ready primer, creme eye shadow (shade – caramel), the photo ready powder (shade – light/medium) and a lip liner (shade – natural). I have already tested all of the products and I love them, I have found no faults with any one of them and they are definitely worth the money.

I also received driving lessons from my grandparents, then my big present of my parents was a new bed and a dressing table which I can’t wait to get and I think I might do a post on showcasing my favourite parts of my room, let me know if you would like to see that in the comments below!

Gifts from the girls
Now that I showed you what I received from family, I thought I would show you what my girls had bought me. The first gift I received was from my best friend Lissa and she actually came down to visit me on my birthday [what a darling!!] and gave me my presents which were so sweet. She had bought me a best friend plaque and a white home plaque for my room as she knows I love quotes and cute bits of decor. Then she bought me a giant millie’s cookie which I did not expect at all, I literally love Millie’s cookies so when she got me this it was heaven! She knows me so well and I was so grateful and we did have a slice each to celebrate haha.

Then I also received a few gifts from my other three girls which I literally loved! Firstly I opened Luyanda’s gift and she had bought me a fake plant which is in a golden pineapple base and it’s so cute as it’s meant to look like a pineapple which I love. Then she also got me a set of copper firefly fairy lights and I don’t know how she knew this but I have wanted some copper firefly fairy lights for a verrryyyy long time and I was so happy when I saw them as I’m going to place them around my dressing table mirror as it will look super cute. Then she also bought me a set of three chokers which were so cute and I can not wait to wear them.

 Secondly, I opened my friend Nikki’s gifts and these were super cute. Since she knows how much I love candles she bought me a set of white ceramic little buildings and a set of tea lights to go which I think are vanilla scented. I can’t wait to put these up in my room and light them as they will look so cosy.

 The last gift I received was from my other friend Abby, and she had bought me a set of little erasers which are flip flops and these are so sweet as she knows how much I love stationary. Then she also bought me two glasses which have pineapples on them and I think these are amazing, I’m pretty sure they’re from Tiger if you’re interested. I’m pretty sure she and Lulu had a secret pineapple theme going on haha!

 If you have made it to the very end, thank you so much as I know I can ramble on but I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all my friends and family for the gifts and making my birthday a wonderful day to remember. Also that you to you all for the birthday wishes, you mean the world to me!
Feel free to leave comments below and I will see you all very soon! xo




  1. Luyanda S
    July 2, 2017 / 9:49 am

    Glad you like them gurl!!

    • Caitlyn Hearts
      July 2, 2017 / 5:20 pm

      Of course gurlll, I LOVED them!!! 🙂

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