Tried and tested: vegan beauty products you need in your cosmetic bag

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We are officially in 2022 and I don’t know about you but I love a fresh start to the year because I can set some new goals for myself. Like everyone else January is a time for reflection and its a time for sorting out your wardrobe you keep putting off or finally going to the gym and changing your eating habits.

However, January also allows you to try something new which could include taking part in Veganuary. Even though January is coming to an end, it doesn’t mean you can’t spend the last few days using some new vegan products because it’s not just about the food – or at least, it doesn’t have to be. You can simply swap out your non-vegan products for some plant-based, cruelty-free alternatives and trust me, its not as difficult as it may seem. I’ve already done the research, now without further a do you can add to your cart knowing these products are the real deal.

Kat Von D Tattoo liner
We all love a good eyeliner that doesn’t budge when you are constantly on the move you need a product that is going to last you from going to work in the morning to go out in the evening. This waterproof liquid eyeliner creates an ultra-precise finish for the perfect cat-eye flick and has become essential in my makeup bag over the past month.

Image credit: Kat Von D tattoo liner, Boots, £19
Available here.

ELF flawless concealer
ELF cosmetics is one of my favourite brands and, let me tell you, there is one particular product which I can’t live without and that is their flawless concealer. I have tried many concealers in my time but this has to be one of my all-time favourites. Completed with a satin finish and medium coverage, it still feels smooth to apply. Simply blend under the eyes and add a natural glow while hiding any blemishes.

Image credit: ELF flawless concealer, Boots, £5
Available here.

Code8 Iconoclast eyeshadow palette – burnt sienna
Introducing a palette that I cannot stop using at the moment and will be using for the foreseeable future because I cannot get enough of it. I discovered this palette after attending an event with Code8 back in November last year but let me tell you it, has switched up my eye shadow game completely. This luxury, little palette has been created in a compact-size format which is ideal for me since I am constantly on the go. Not to mention the vibrant colour and pigment it leaves which means you do not need a lot of product on your brush.

Image credit: Iconoclast eyeshadow palette, Code 8, £45
Available here.

Too Faced Limited Edition Teddy Bare Bare It All Bronzer – Honey Bun Glow
Is this not the most adorable packaging and the product you could ever have in your makeup collection this year. We all love a golden glow and, once I tried this limited edition bronzer, I could not believe the final look. This silky-smooth bronzer gives you a natural-looking, sun-kissed glow that looks incredible and glides on the skin. Infused with Manuka Honey and Cinnamon, which can be applied to the face, eyes, or anywhere you want a new, fresh glow for winter.


Image credit: Too Faced Limited Edition Teddy Bear Bare It All Bronzer, Boots, £27
Available here.

The Body Shop Shea butter shower gel
I have been a fan of The Body Shop for years but this scent is an all-time classic for any beauty lover and has been a reoccurring favourite for years. This Community Fair Trade shea butter shower gel has a silky smooth formula that glides onto your skin and is a great choice for Winter since our skin needs a little more hydration and self-care. Not to mention, it leaves your bathroom smelling incredible with a warm and nutty scent and has become a little luxury in my shower collection.

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Image credit: Shea Shower Cream, The Body Shop, £6.50
Available here.

The Hair Boss shine spray
This is a new brand which I was recently recommended, and it is fair to say I have been using this product on my hair the last few days has been incredible on my hair. The Hair Boss is a vegan and cruelty-free hair care range which provides a solution to your hair dilemmas with a simple-stepped hair regime tailored to your hair. As it says on the bottle, the best way to apply the product is on towelled dry hair, focussing on the mid-lengths and ending with a blow-dry. After using the product, I noticed how silky smooth my hair was and, I cannot recommend it enough! It will be a new favourite for me to carry on using.


Image credit: The Hair Boss The Semi Permanent Shine Spray, Superdrug, £12.99
Available here.

Beauty Hygiene makeup brush cleansers
Beauty Hygiene Plus is again a new brand which I was recommended to try and, I was impressed by their makeup sanitising and cleaning tools. The products come in a clear bag with four different cleansers. These are the quick dry brush cleaning spray, quick-dry makeup sanitising mist, quick-dry beauty tools sanitiser spray and, our deep cleanse sponge & brush wash with handy mini eco-friendly makeup brushes.

I have recently used the deep cleanse sponge & brush wash on my brushes which let me tell you they had seen better days and was ready for a clean. By using a small amount of the cleanser, this product had done miracles on my brushes and, I can’t wait to try out the other products in the kit to see if they are just as good. Not to mention the products are made from ocean-bound plastic and, all products are vegan and cruelty-free which is always great.

Image credit: The Beauty Hygiene Plus Essentials Kit, Feel Unique, £24.99
Available here.
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