Top 5 Benefits Of Owning A Puppy

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I hope you are all doing well and had a great easter, I’m actually currently lying in bed ill writing this post but we all just have to try power through I guess. A couple of months back I wrote a post up about my family’s new puppy, Louis. I mainly addressed about what he was like and obviously attached a few adorable pictures for you all to browse through! However, today Louis will be making another appearance and since we have had him for around 6 months now, I thought I would talk about the top 5 ways how he has benefited and changed me and my family. If you’re thinking about getting a puppy or just want to see some pictures of Louis, carry on reading.

Click here : Meet my puppy Louis

1.) Increase in weekly exercise

This one is probably one of the main points I wanted to address because dogs do require exercise and depending on how big/small or breed of your pooch the exercise rate will vary. Louis loves being outside and he knows straight away when he is going for a walk since 1.) he now recognises the word “Walk” and 2.) putting coats and shoes kind of on gives it away for him. Louis gets taken out at least 4 or 5 times a day because he loves being outside and not only does he get a lot of exercise but so does my family too. This shows that more blood is being pumped round the body and can help cholesterol levels, which is always a positive for great health. As I have been walking Louis, I have also found it so relaxing for the mind and great time for self reflection. They’re definitely the best motivation when it comes to keeping fit!

2.) Improving your social circle

This follows on from my previous point because not only does having a puppy increase your fitness but it can also benefit you meeting new people. Since taking Louis on walks it’s always a great chance you could bump into some new people who also have dogs or even at training classes. It can always lead up to people making conversations about your dog and you could even exchange puppy tips. Louis loves going to dog parks and he now has even new friends himself. It’s hard to take him back home after that haha!

3.) Reducing anxiety or depression

I find having a puppy can always make you feel a bit better. I went through quite a hard time at the beginning of the year which made me very anxious a lot. But I found that Louis was just the perfect piece of the puzzle I needed. I could always go to him and pour my heart out or sit and tell him all my problems and even though he may not understand, it made me feel so much better. He would just come and sit beside me or cuddle me and trust me, it makes you feel so much better. This also helps reduce your blood pressure.

 4.) Reducing stress

This has definitely been a number one benefit in my life because I do tend to get stressed very easily. Overtime there have been lots of studies to show how dogs decrease stress levels as it reduces the stress hormones in our body. Whenever I feel like nothing is working out and I am getting frustrated, just cuddling and playing with Louis helps me feel so much better. Sometimes even just the sight of him really helps brighten my mood. This results in an increase of oxytocin levels and lower cortisol to therefore reduce stress.

5.) Times like this

Seeing times like this just makes you realise how great a loyal companion can make you feel. They really can just boost your self-esteem or if you’re having a bad day they can really make you laugh. The interaction between you and your best friend and love received from a dog can also help you stay a lot more positive.  By the way the reoccurrence of the duck is Louis favourite toy that I picked out for him, he doesn’t part with him and takes it everywhere. Even when he knows it’s bedtime he will pick up his duck or put it between his paws, SO CUTE!

 Having a puppy is one of the most life changing experiences there is to build a partnership with your furry best friend. If you would be interested in finding your perfect companion then head over to PuppySpot who sell some of the most adorable puppies out there. They also offer some great tips and advice if you have a dog or are considering adding one to your family. Likewise their graphic as seen [below] also shows all the benefits of having a dog which has really opened my eyes on how much Louis has benefited me and my family.
If you would also like a little Louis of your own feel free to check out the shitzu puppies available at PuppySpot because let me tell you there is some adorable little ones on there!

Thank you to PuppySpot for working with me and Louis.

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