Top 10 Tips For Blogger Beginners

Hey everyone, it’s Caitlyn and welcome!

I have been writing, posting and working on my blog CaitlynHearts for around three years now and it honestly feels like just yesterday I started my blog and posted my first post that very day. Yes, it was a scary time. However when starting out I didn’t really look at any tips or inspiration, I kind of just went straight in with it. This then brought me to writing this post because there are so many new bloggers every day creating content which is why if you’re a new blogger, welcome to the community or wanting to start one then I thought I would share my top tips you may find helpful.

1.) Discover Your Platform

When starting a blog you may want to choose a certain platform, to begin with, I find some very good sources to use are WordPress, Blogger (which I use), Wix and even Tumblr. This helps you have a page which you can use and begin to post on when you are set up and ready to go. They’re all very reliable websites and a lot of bloggers tend to use them therefore you know they will be a good site, to begin with.

2.) Design Design Design

This is definitely a perk of having your own blog is that you can completely design it to how you would like it. I have changed my blog design a numerous amount of times to get it how I like it. My blog is currently made up of a jug note of codes because there is so much going on but that’s a great part of the designing process is you can choose where you want things placed, the colours you want to use, the font – there is so much to experiment with. There are also many different ways to design your blog, for example, you can use templates and custom design, work with website designers and so much more which shows you can make it your dream page.

3.) Your Niche
This is key as a blogger because you want to be able to write for a particular audience such as I write fashion, beauty, lifestyle and baking content – you name it. This means you can target your writing to a particular genre that people enjoy reading. Although I do stress WRITE ABOUT WHAT YOU LOVE! You want to produce content that you would want to read yourself and what interests you because you want to enjoy blogging and finding your writing style, therefore, write what interests you as it’s your very own page on the internet and remember to be creative!

4.) Good Quality Photos
I wanted to include this tip because a lot of blogs you read have photos and personally if I am reading someone’s blog, the images draw me in straight away and make me want to carry on reading. If you include images, it may help balance your writing and link to your work, plus who doesn’t love a bit of photography. Secondly, you do not need a really expensive high depth camera for good images, if you prefer that then feel free as trust me they give some amazing results but I find even mobile phones like smartphones can give such high revolutionised images. I even use my iPhone sometimes over a DSLR, they work just as well.

5.) Engage with other Bloggers
As I started out in blogging I used to just watch my blog and even though I read other blogs, I never used comment or engage but as time went on I have made friends with so many other bloggers and influencers out there and it’s such a happy community to be a part of which is such an amazing thing. If you engage and build friendships with other bloggers and communities you will be rewarded with the result it brings because it’s such an amazing feeling when someone loves what you wrote or it made a difference to their day. It really does bring a smile to your face, trust me 🙂

6.) Be Organised
This tip is one of the most useful and that is to be organised. If you’re planning posts you want to write and have a lot of creative sparks in your head and you can’t wait to start going out there and posting your work for people to read – then you’re doing right! I like to say I am a very organised person which helps in terms of blogging because I always like to jot ideas down of posts I want to do (the explanation for all the pretty notebooks I own). Then schedule them for particular dates which are very handy because you’re already one step ahead of the game.

7.) Post Consistently
This links to my previous tip which is to post consistently. There are so many new blogs created every day which means twice the content being produced every day so by posting all the time you will begin to gain a regular traffic audience. It’s also maybe a good idea to consider certain days or times you post, for example, I post every Sunday and this means your readers know when to come back to see what you have posted.

8.) Share Your Social Media
This is optional but when designing your blog it’s a good idea to have your Social media featured as I think it is a great way for your readers to keep up to date with your blog and what you have been up to. I also find it’s a great way to communicate with other bloggers as well as sharing your content. Some sites I find are very useful such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest are great ways for people to find your blog, I tend to get a lot of traffic from Instagram and if you have your blog linked in your bio, your followers will be aware and can feel free to click it and be directed to your page. As well as the well known Social Media sites, BlogLovin is the home to most bloggers on the internet. I follow most bloggers on there and the great thing is that you get an email every time they upload and your followers get an email every time you upload therefore you won’t miss any posts which are so handy.

9.) Be Yourself

This is so important when writing a blog because you want your readers to be able to understand you as a person as well as relate to you on the topics you write about.One of the main lessons I’ve learned from blogging is to simply be myself you don’t have to be too use “big words” or complicated terms to impress others. Your readers will love you for who you really are by simply being you and that’s the best thing about blogging.

10.) Be Passionate And Have Fun

This is definitely my favourite tip out of them all and probably the most important when doing anything you have an interest or a hobby it is to make sure you love what you’re doing. By being passionate and having fun with the content you are making, makes it all worthwhile because you don’t want to feel like putting out content is a chore or you won’t enjoy what you’re doing. I have always had a passion for blogging and it’s amazing because I love doing it and if you have the passion, not only will you feel it but so will your readers.

Finally, remember to be unique and be yourself because that’s what makes it all worthwhile!


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