The Lush Halloween & Christmas Showcase

The Lush Halloween & Christmas Showcase

It is that time of year again here in the UK where it is getting colder and constantly raining (like 10x more than usual) which means it is officially hot bubble bath season unless you’re like me who loves a pamper night all year round. However, a bubble bath is not complete without your favourite Lush products. Lush is one of my favourite brands for skincare and I was so fortunate I got to go to the unveiling of their new Halloween and Christmas showcase in Newcastle.

It still blows my little mind because I’m just your ordinary girl who may have a slight obsession for bath products. But let me tell you, they delivered the goods this year because there is so many new products as well as some timeless classics such as Snow Fairy. However, I do believe this is their biggest collection to date which means Caitlyn got super excited and transported to Lush heaven because let me tell you they throw an event like no other and it was one I had to tell you about.

The event took place at my local Lush store here in Newcastle for local bloggers and influencers to attend as well the general public could come along too. Upon arrival, they welcomed us into the store dressed as elves and the sound of Christmas music playing from the speakers which made me super excited for the festive season ahead. We all briefly had a walk around the store to see a little preview of some of the new additions to the collection while snacking on some delicious treats from Filmore and Union in John Lewis. I had the chocolate orange brownie which was quite tasty considering I am not a fan of chocolate orange and while browsing through their website I will definitely be going for breakfast because their pancakes look delish!

Magic wand available for £6.50 each & Snow fairy 100ml shower gel available for £5

Snow Fairy Fun available for £8.95

We then split off into two groups and in mine, we first checked out the Snow Fairy collection! This is an all-time favourite of mine and when it comes to this time of year I do like to stock up on it because it is such a classic and the range is even better this year. I picked up the shower gel, the bath bomb and the magic wand which is a foam-fest of bubblegum to sweeten up any shower or bath you may have. In addition, Lush have also released a Snow Fairy fun this year for your body and hair and it also contains little miniature bath bombs which are adorable. If you’re a fan you definitely want to head down and get stocked up before it’s all gone.

Snow Fairy soap available for £4.50

We then moved onto making the comforter which is such a favourite at Lush and it was so much fun to make however it is a lot more difficult than it looks haha. As well as making the hulder bath bomb which was really cool because when you buy a bath bomb you don’t actually realise what goes into them or how they are made so this was super fun getting our hands messy and just having a fun laugh with all the ladies. Plus we were in the ‘naughty team’ therefore you could imagine things got a busy messy. The perfect way to spend your morning before having to go to work!

Let me begin to tell you there are so many products you need this season one being the Santa bubble wand! Like the magic wand, you just swirl it under running water or in your bath and it will create bubbles. It is such a festive addition to have in your collection! Another would be the Yog Nog shower gel! This smells like cinder toffee in a bottle! It is incredible! If you want to smell like sweet caramel and custard then this enriching shower gel is for you! This will be perfect in the winter when it gets colder because you don’t even need to use a moisturiser afterwards as it is nourishing for the skin and keeps you hydrated. Christmas sweetness all in one!

Even though this post seems very Christmas based there was also some spooky Halloween treats in there including a new pumpkin bath bomb which I picked up. The Punkin’ Pumpkin is enriched with spices which makes it a lot different to all your sweet products in the Christmas collection. This will transform your bath into an autumn dream with vibrant oranges and relaxation! There is something for everyone!

Lush hosted the most amazing morning, I never met a work team with so much positivity and vibrancy especially at 8 am in the morning, they really put me in the festive spirit! As well as networking and meeting some lovely ladies including meeting local blogger Ellie who is so lovely and has the most dreamy Instagram you could ever find and an incredible blog who is very passionate about her writing and also my new Lush buddy! Head down to your local Lush store to shop the collection or online here.

Interested to see what I bought? Watch my Lush Haul below!


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