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 Hey everyone, it’s Caitlyn and welcome back!

As you know organisation can sometimes be a bit of a struggle and in terms of being a blogger, we all need somewhere to put are creativity for all our ideas and posts we have lined up, so I wanted to introduce you to my new essential when it comes to my blog planning known as The Blogger Pack by The Blogger Crowd.

The Blogger Crowd are a blogger community which bloggers can initially come together with inspiration, positivity and to have fun! They recently sent me their first new blogger pack to try out and let me tell you all, it has been my essential this past week! First of all the cover had drew me in already, it is a gorgeous geometric black print with the logo on the front and it just looks so girly and chic which, I absolutely adore. Ladies, it just keeps getting better from here, trust me. As I began to look through the pack they provide to prints which are so sweet, in again the pink and black colours. The first one is “I’m a blogger What’s your super power?” and I just thought this so cute and the second print was in a to do list style grid saying “coffee, laptop, messy bun, get shit done” and I love it because it’s so me – literally. I am definitely going to put these up in my room because they’re just amazing and it will definitely make me smile when I see them.

 Next we have the blog post planner page and this is so sweet and I can already see this is going to benefit me so much when I am planning post ideas. You have five different sections to fill in within the page: the post title at the top of the page so you can focus on that particular post you’re working on. Then you have a section for ‘products to photograph’ and ‘websites to link back to’ and I think this is super useful for me therefore I can write everything down. Then you have an additional section for further notes and a date when it will go live. I really love the layout and colour scheme, it’s just very pretty and very me.

 This page of the pack is probably one of my favourites because as you can see it’s a perfect aspect to my morning to help me plan out my day. This has really helped me plan out my every days because I am definitely the type of girl who loves putting pen to paper therefore doing to do lists are so up my street. As you can see it has the continuous black and pink colour theme which is very elegant.

Last but no longer least we have the monthly over view section of the pack. The full pack consists of an over view for all 12 months of the year which means you can defiantly jump on the organisation train when it comes to planning for future plans. I personally really love this because you have a section to write down events, birthdays, goals and any notes. This means you can organise your ideas and if you notice in then top right hand corner there is a little picture and for each month it is different. I personally love the holiday months, for example October has a pumpkin, November has fireworks and December has a Christmas tree and so on… I love this I think it’s so cute!

 As you can probably tell I am literally in love with this pack because I think it’s very different and specifically designed for bloggers which I think is really cool because it’s somewhere we can put all our ideas down to paper and helps us make are posts that extra better! I will definitely be using this to help me plan my future posts because it’s so resourceful and let me tell you if this was in a store I would definitely purchase it!

How do you stay organised?
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  1. Charlotte
    July 26, 2017 / 4:27 pm

    This looks really handy, and what a cool concept!Lottie Unlimited | Beauty, +SizeFashion and Lifestyle Blog

    • Caitlyn Hearts
      July 26, 2017 / 6:11 pm

      It's amazing, definitely an essential for us blogger girls! xx

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