Spring Reflection: Uni, relationships, work, health

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog and if you are new around here then hey, hello, what’s new, my name is Caitlyn (if you couldn’t guess that already) and this is my blog. I hope you’re all doing well because I realise it has been a little while since I last posted however that is changing from here. I have decided to stick to a schedule which fits well which I have left down below, therefore I will be uploading blog posts every Friday at 8 pm and Youtube videos every Sunday at 6 pm, but you can also subscribe to my blog which will alert you every time I post, which is available to see below.


I haven’t done an official update post on my blog before therefore I thought this would be super cool to do, and I love reading these types of long, chatty updates because you really get an insight into the writer’s life and since I have been away for some time I feel you deserve a full written explanation to where I have been. So grab yourself a drink and a snack and get yourself comfy.

The first area of my life which takes up most of my time is going to university. I don’t think I have properly addressed this on my blog before but yes, I am at university here in the North East studying Fashion Journalism. I have just finished my first year and honestly, where has that time gone?! It feels like just yesterday it was September and I was getting ready to start freshers week and here I am at the end of year one! So crazy how fast that has gone. But yeah, I am not going to go into much great detail about it because I want to do a separate post focusing all around University. However, I have really enjoyed my first year already, it has been a real experience and I am happy to be off for the summer now to really relax and prepare for my second year in September since I have just finished my exams and need some time to recharge. The great thing about having so much time off for the summer is that I can see so many friends who I haven’t seen in ages as well as spend time with my boyfriend too. Sorry, you say what?! Caitlyn has a boyfriend! I know crazy right, but yes I have been going out with someone for a few months now and it is most likely the happiest I have been in a long time and I feel so motivated to write content and I am very much comfortable with myself then I have been in ages, which is always a great sign.

However, alongside the positives, there are always some negatives too, which has affected me a lot in this past year, one being my health has not been how it should be. Since I was twelve years old I have suffered from tonsilitis, one being I would only get it once a month but since I have gotten older, it started to flare up a lot more especially in this past year to the point where I had to take time off for university and my job. The downside in my job is that since I work in retail, you are constantly talking to someone if you work in any form of retail you will realise what it’s like. But when I get ill I have to take time off because I am too ill to communicate with everyone. You may be wondering why I’m addressing this but I am actually getting an operation to have them removed next week or the time you’re reading this I may have had it done but yeah super scared over here. It will all go smooth though and I am going to be doing a blog post and Youtube video about the whole subject, what surgery is like and advice from how to heal from it after but that will be coming in the next couple weeks so make sure you keep an eye out for that.

I hope you have enjoyed my little update, sorry if I have waffled on a bit but I do love reading these posts. Let me know in the comments down below what has been going on in your life recently, a certain moment which has stuck in your mind and let me know your plans for the summer to give me a little inspiration.


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