Sleek Solstice Highlighter Review – Does it make you glow!?

Hey everyone, it’s Caitlyn!
Makeup is a huge part of the world today and a lot of people use cosmetics on an everyday basis. Over a period of time highlighter has become such a craze that people seem to absolutely love but I think one particular palette has created a huge buzz and that is the Sleek highlighting palette.

I don’t even know where to start with this palette but let me tell you it is INSANE! I have always had my eyes on this particular palette and I recently received this for Christmas last year and let me tell you guys I have been using it every single day. This particular palette is priced at £9.99 from any local drugstore such as Boots or Superdrug.  For this being a drugstore palette and for the price of it, I can see why a lot of people rave about the product.

When you first purchase the product it comes in a small black box to protect the product and on the front it has what the shades are and then on the back it has all the details about the product and the directions of how to apply it, which I think is very useful because if you’re first starting out with using highlighter it gives you a step guide of where to apply and how to do it. Then when you take it out the box…the moment of reveal…my eyes L.I.T U.P! You get this gorgeous rose gold reflective, metal compact with the brand’s logo on the front which is ‘Sleek Makeup’ (Still in shock about how you can see yourself in the packaging!) and then if you turn it over on the back it gives you the shades which are in the palette and the website address. This is useful because you can then see if they’re any more products that the brand has to offer for you.

Finally, when you open it up you can see your four shades which are in the palette and you get two cream matte highlights in the shades (Ecliptic) and (Subsolar) and also two powder highlights in the shades (Hemisphere) and (Equinox). This also includes a small brush to apply the highlighter with and a compact mirror. I absolutely love all four shades and they work so well on all different skin tones but I also find them to be so pigmented which means you don’t even need a lot on your which shows that it is a good product for the price. Since I have quite pale skin, I find it just adds such a nice shimmer to my cheekbones, brow bone, cupids bow and down the bridge of the nose.

This product is probably going to be a reoccurring purchase of mine, I can see it coming already and you guys should really check it out, I know you won’t be disappointed.

I quite enjoy doing makeup reviews and since I am going to be building up my make up collection this year and trying out different products it would be nice to review them so you all know my honest thoughts and opinions on a certain product. I find these really interesting to read so you might expect a few more of these in the future.

What is your favourite highlighter: drug store or high-end?


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