Parisian Escapes by Matis Paris | Review

Having perfect skin is always something I have wanted to have and from around the age of 13-14-year-old, I started to develop spots and acne as you do in your teenage years. However, after the many years of trying nearly every single skincare product in the drug store, I have finally found two products I love, which are from a french-born brand called Matis Pairs.

So Matis is a french-born company established in Paris in the ’30s. Now I would never normally tell you that but I think it’s important here, because, the company clearly have perfected the skincare game.

I have been following Matis Paris for about two years now after discovering some of their products in a gift bag I received at an event in 2018. Since then, I can recall I loved their skincare products and I knew I wanted to try out more.

Recently, I was kindly contacted by the team at Matis Paris to find out if I wanted to receive their Parisian Escapes gift set to try out and I instantly said yes! Since I had tried their products before and had a great experience using them, I knew I would not regret this decision and I was very excited for it to arrive.

Parisian Escapes | Matis Paris

When it arrived, it was beautifully packaged up in a white box with what looked like three detailed, illustrated drawings on the front which had instantly given me Parisian vibes. Upon opening the box, it contained two products: Authentik-Beauty and a free full-size Authetntik-Scrub. I had not tried any of these products from Matis before, but after seeing them in the box I could not wait to try them out.

‘Parisian Escapes – Harvest at Montmartre; a beautiful gift set inspired by one of the most iconic Parisian neighbourhoods’

After receiving the press release which came with the gift set I discovered this is one of the most iconic Matis products and the brand’s oldest formulation which is insane. As soon as I took the moisturiser out of the box, It has sold me already with the packaging of the product and by using a clear tub it provided an expensive feel to the moisturiser which is how I could tell it was going to be good quality. I don’t know about you but I always assume a moisturiser is white so I was shocked when I saw it was a beige colour. However, it still does the perfect job with a creamy formula ‘suitable for every skin type to help repair, stimulate, moisturise and protect the skin.’  It contains Hyaluronic acid which is well known to alleviate dry skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Over the past two weeks, I have been applying this religiously in the morning and evening and it has given me a refreshing glow while making my skin feel so soft. Secondly, it has settled down any breakouts I had, which is a great benefit in any skincare product if you ask me.

If I am honest with you all, I thought this was a cleanser at first to only discover it is a facial scrub but nevertheless I was still impressed, to say the least. I use this twice a week using circular motions to get rid of any dead skin cells and generally give my skin a bit of a wake me up. This is ‘suitable for all skin types, while still preserving their comfort.’ This shows the grains in the scrub don’t irritate or upset the skin which it did not with mine but it provides a smooth and radiant finish.

All I can say is Matis Paris never disappoint because their products are great quality by leaving you with silky soft skin and a radiant glow. I think they would be perfect for any age range because it is so important to take care of your skin. If you have no tried out their products then I would highly recommend it because you will not be disappointed.



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