New year resolutions, Do you ever stick to them?

New year resolutions, Do you ever stick to them?


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New years resolutions are a funny one for me. It’s almost an automatic response that once January comes we all have to have at least one thing that we want to accomplish within the year but let’s be honest, do we ever stick to them? I suppose that is the beauty of resolutions they can be as realistic or unrealistic you desire them to be, for example, me going to the gym regularly. It’s not going to happen girls.

However, that is the beauty of a new year you can change your ways to make the impossible seem possible. Eventually, it made me realise why do we just commit our goals to January? When we should aim to complete them all year round. Therefore, I decided that I wanted my goals this year to be certain aims I can accomplish but mainly that I can achieve all year to provide me with a healthy mindset and lifestyle.

Before I jump into my list of goals this year, think about the aims you want to set yourself, it can be anything you wish. That is the great part of a brand new decade, it provides so much positivity. I don’t know why but this year I think there is going to be so many great opportunities to come but let’s start at the beginning.

My goals for 2020

Pass my driving test 
We all dream of passing our driving test first time and that is one goal I would love to achieve. Although I am not sure if I will but I have every faith in trying. If you didn’t know I started learning to drive last year and I passed my theory test the first time, which was an amazing day. I am nearly ready to take my test according to my instructor but the nerves always eat me alive. Although, it’s about time that I prepare myself because before you know it this girl is going to be hitting the roads.

Get a tattoo
Tattoos are always something I have admired. Although I’m the type of girl who loves small, dainty ones because I think they look so special. I have been searching Pinterest for many ideas, however, I still haven’t found the perfect idea I like. If you ask me it’s always a personal choice of the area of your body, you choose to get inked but I would a small one on my wrist and ribcage. There is something so special about them which I love but there is so much choice, we could be here next year.

Scrapbook more
Photographs are a very sentimental part of our lives because they hold so many memories. I don’t know about you but when I look at a certain photograph, it transports me back to that certain day and it plays in my head like a film which made me think I want to transport al them memories into my scrapbook. There is so many amazing photos that need a special home but not only is it a really fun activity to do it is so relaxing to see the completed book.

Spend more time doing the things I love
This is one of the most important goals I want to achieve this year and this is having more time for activities I love such as blogging, photography, meeting up with friends and family, my relationship and so much more. Being at university can sometimes leave me with very little time to do my favourite things which is why I want to invest more into my lifestyle to find an equal balance between both. It may also help me stress less because I am the biggest stress head going.

Save! Save! Save!
Saving up money seems such a huge part of growing up and it is something I would love to try and do. This year I am planning to go on holiday and I would love to be able to save up to buy my first car which means I am going to need some dosh. However, the bonus of starting to save at a young age will benefit you for the future because it begins to make you financially independent. The great aspect is that if you want to treat yourself or just have money stored away then it’s a great way to start and the best part is that you have done it all on your own.

Let me know what your goals are for 2020? As well as taking some good motivation from this post following some of my favourite quotes below to kick start your year with some good vibes.

A happy new year and here is to 2020!


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