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Hey everyone, it’s Caitlyn!

Can you believe it is March already, winter has gone and spring has arrived! *Inserts happy dance*I can’t believe it has come round so quickly and we all know what spring means. Yes, it is easter egg month which we all love and all the flowers start to blossom but one of the best parts of Spring is the fashion! I am a huge fashion addict if you’re new around here and you didn’t already know, it is such a huge passion of mine and I love being on the hunt looking for new pieces to add to my wardrobe. Since it is spring now I find it is that time of year where it’s still a bit cold but a bit warmer, well here in the U.K anyways, we experience the four seasons in one day. However, I thought I would showcase my favourite outfits and staple pieces for male and female spring fashion this year and my own style tips and tricks for the particular trends.

Female Spring Fashion

Spring fashion for us girls is all about the pastel coloured dresses and shirts along with a bit of floral print in your wardrobe can scream ‘Hello spring’! This look I am wearing in the photos above is probably one of my favourites for stepping into spring! Pinstripe Bardot shirts are so on trend at the moment and this was my first purchase of a shirt in this style and even though it feels a bit strange, I’m in love with it. I find pairing it will a pair of high waisted light or dark blue denim jeans and some white shoes can just have spring written all over it! However, if you’re going for a more formal look, pairing a Bardot shirt with cigarette style trousers and some court heels or loafers can look classic too! I find accessories too, are such a must-have in springtime as any other season, I decided to wear my powder pink mini backpack as pink is very in season at the moment for springtime and my Quay Australia off-gold-brown sunglasses. I felt super cool in these not going to lie, just going to as I find sunglasses so hard to pull off.
Top – NewLook Jeans – Miss Selfridge Shoes – Pull&Bear 
Backpack – NewLook Sunglasses – Quay Australia

Simple but pretty! Spring doesn’t always have to be floral print but it’s all about getting the lighter coloured pieces from the back of wardrobe back out. If you’re looking for a more day-time look then a simple pair of white jeans and a black round neck top is always a perfect pair along with some trainers. Another staple I would add to this outfit would be an oversized denim jacket if it’s a bit colder. Especially since they’re all in this year for spring fashion but I like to use it as an all-around staple item in my wardrobe.
Top – New Look  Jeans – Primark Shoes – Adidas Superstars 
Sunglasses – Quay Australia

Male Spring Fashion

As spring is here upon us now and if you were after a more classic look and wanted to ditch the pastel shorts, I find this outfit is perfect. Chino trousers and ankle grazers are a complete year-round favourite for men even my dad likes to rock pair every now and then. That’s the nice part of spring that even for women we all like to show a bit of ankle and I find Chino trousers or ankle grazers go great with a polo neck shirt and some shades. But don’t forget it’s great to experiment with accessories to like a smart panorama or fedora hat, it just adds that extra sophistication to a day-time look. Finally footwear, clearly we can’t forget about that as it just ties the whole look together – gets it, ties the look…shoe laces!! I’ll stop now with my jokes (haha). Like I was saying I am a sucker for any trainers like in this image I think the white converse works so well as it just makes the look that little bit casual but still very fashionable. However, if you were going to a special event and wanted a very classic look, I find a good pair of loafers or brogues would work just as well.

As I look at fashion for males in the spring, I feel it’s all about the shorts and the open shirts because as it gets that little bit warmer the lighter layers come out. I love the colour scheme of this attire, even though pastel colours become a staple in the spring, in my eyes navy is a still go-to colour. It’s such a classic yet the understated colour and adding a light jacket complemented with a pair of shades is a perfect outfit for the spring.

As I was saying before pastel coloured shorts are definitely going to be working there way back out this season – paired with this pinstripe shirt is such a staple as it adds that smart yet casual look to a perfect spring outfit.

If you’re interested in any of the clothing that I have featured, Bonobo offers all the stylistic staple pieces for your wardrobe that you need for the springtime. Their trousers for men are available in four different signature fits to suit your particular choice. Not to mention they offer a range of styles and colours to choose from so you can put any look together with you, please. They are also better-fitting and super comfortable.
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