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Make Up For Ever has been a brand I have grown a certain love towards in the matter of this year and if you follow my Instagram @caitlynmcadam, you will have seen I recently went to their Autumn beauty event to see the launch of some of the new products they have on the counter as well as creating my perfect fall makeup look. I am always forever grateful to go to these events and I am so in love with the look Emily did on me which I thought I would share with you all because some of the products she used I have grown a love for.

At the event, I was greeted by the lovely Emily who I met at the previous blogger event in June and it was so lovely to see her. I then met some more of the Make Up For Ever team who were amazing! Upon my arrival, I was shown some of the new products they had launched with Jessie J, which were super exciting! If you’re a lover of palettes, you’re going to love this because they have just launched the Artist Face colour palette which you can build yourself. Like What! I love this idea because it’s so customizable to how you would want your perfect eye or base look! You can choose your palette size, a single, duo or trio which is amazing because it is a compact size too, therefore, you can pop it in your bag when you are on the go. You can choose from over 28 shades which you can refill as you go, I think that is incredible and I know I shall be getting my hands on one very soon.

As well as they have released some of their Christmas gifting range which is honestly a life saver for me this year as I know some friends who would love this. My favourite has to be the Christmas crackers like how cute are these, perfect for stocking fillers and they have some amazing products inside such as a smokey lash mascara or lip gloss. They also come with this super cute little pouch in a glossy red colour with the lips embossed onto the front. I think this is super cute and so handy to put into your bag.

After it was time for my makeover to commence and let me tell you I was super excited. I don’t know about you but I love getting someone creating a new look for you that steps you out of your comfort zone and that’s the beauty of makeup it allows you to take risks. I had already applied my base and brows before the event but Emily applied a little blush and highlight to my cheeks to create a more understated chic look to add that little colour which looked so pretty. I went for a bronzed orange toned eye which was perfect for the Autumn time. Since I am pale, the orange really brought out my blue eyes which I thought looked amazing if I must admit. In completion to my eyes, we decided on blue eyeliner in my waterline and some mascara. I know what you’re probably thinking right now like Caitlyn, sorry what! Blue eyeliner?! It sounds so scary, I know especially since I have never worn blue eyeliner because it’s such a risk to take, however, in that moment I thought let’s do it, it might look pretty cool. I was obsessed! The little bit of mascara in my lashes and the blue in my waterline just completed a subtle look which I completely fell in love with since I am known for winged liner and gold eyes, therefore, this was so different.

Outfit details: Top and pants and bag – New Look

                            Coat – TopShop

                           Chelsea Boots – Garage Shoes

                           Bangle and Watch – Michael Kors


Finally lips, my favourite! Make Up For Ever has actually released a new lip line for the Artist rouge collection. There are so many options of shades and formulas to choose from such as new creme and matte lipsticks, metallic lip shades which are incredible which I wish I could pull off. They also have the new light lipstick collections which act as a lipstick but when swatched it’s like a lip balm. They’re super hydrating and lightweight with some amazing colours to choose from and I think this is such a cool idea for any casual look you want to create, I would highly recommend them to you all. For my lips, I opted for a matte liquid lipstick because it’s my favourite and as soon as Emily had shown me the products and new shades I was instantly drawn to the deep red. I have been wearing red so much recently and I really wanted to try it out so I went for a red lip liner and lipstick. This pulled my whole look together which I loved and the red really acted as a statement which brought out the colour in my eyes which I loved. This was definitely my perfected fall makeup look!

Thank you to the girls at Make Up For Ever in Debenhams, Metrocentre, for hosting such an amazing afternoon and treating me so well once again. I am so grateful for these opportunities and I am going to be getting my hands on some of the new products!

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What are your go-to fall makeup products?


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