My Perfect Winter Night In

Hey, everyone, it’s Caitlyn!

We have come around to that time again where it is getting extremely cold outside and there is nothing better than being snuggled up at home under the duvet and watching films or cosy by the fire. I thought today I would share with you what I like to do for a cosy night in when it is the colder months and nothing beats a perfect night in!
A perfect night in for me can really depend on who I am spending it with for example I normally do it on my own just because I find it really relaxing and just some me time which we all need or sometimes my friends come round and we will order some food (normally Dominos) and watch films, it can really depend but tonight I am having some quality me time.

First of all, when it is the colder months I like to run myself a nice hot bath because 1.) they are one of my favourites things to have to relax especially on the colder nights and 2.) we have to keep clean so haha! Tonight in my bath I decided to use some of my Zoella Bath Latte because I still had some left and it foams lots of bubbles which I love and makes your bath smell amazing. Then I also like to use some Lush products because let me tell you when it comes to bath time Lush is your best friend! I decided to pop in the Father Christmas bath bomb (which is part of their Christmas range) as I got this in a set for Christmas and it smells amazing but also creates the most insane swirl of greens and reds.

After I have had a lovely, warm bath and I’m all fresh and and got my pj’s on or just some comfy loungewear like I love wearing my grey Converse sweatpants and my Calvin Klein bralette and a lounge top, I just wore this grey baggy vest top I have and lets not forget the fluffy socks. I also like to either opt for an oversized hoodie or my dressing gown and today I thought I would wear my bunny dressing gown and I adore it! This is from Primark and my mum bought me this and the hood is my favourite as it has ears. I know such an attire! I feel like you can’t have a perfect night in without a comfy outfit because it helps you relax and makes you comfortable. However, guys if you’re looking for some comfy sleepwear to help you relax you should check out Adore Me!

Then it’s the perfect time to grab your favourite mug and make yourself a good ol’ hot drink because what Perfect night in isn’t complete with a nice hot beverage! As you can see I am using my big ol’ Starbucks mug and my favourite drink to make on the colder nights is have a guess? A big cup of hot chocolate which isn’t complete without some whipped cream and topped with marshmallows and also a sprinkle of Starbuck’s vanilla dusting powder on top. It just adds that extra flavour with the chocolate. I am using Cadburys hot chocolate if you’re wondering and it tastes so good. You can get it anywhere and it’s super cheap. While I am in the kitchen I also love grabbing a snack just to enjoy and you guys may not know this about me but I am such a lover of any biscuits, it’s a really unhealthy obsession which is turning into an addiction. I normally like a couple on the side with my hot choccy and this completes my evening.

After that, this is when I normally like to either jump into bed, under the duvet and get all cosy by lighting some nice candles and putting on my fairy lights and watch movies or a tv series I love. One of my Favourite things to do is watch Netflix and who can even disagree, it’s amazing! I normally like to just have a browse through and just see if there is anything new or just catches my eye and Netflix have just updated and added a few more tv series and movies since it is the new year and something clearly caught my eye on the banner of the home page and it was season 3 of Degrassi. I was like OMG! Degrassi is a Netflix show and is so addictive, I would highly recommend it because you will not be disappointed. I also love to watch Friends as well, I just finished season 4, but that’s when I can’t find anything on Netflix.
If any of you are Friends fanatics like myself please let me know because we can bond and it’s just great!

But that is pretty much how I picture my perfect night in for the winter nights and hope you enjoyed reading what I like to get up to during the colder months. I feel like we all deserve a good night in because they are one of the most relaxing times and you can share them with anyone or even just yourself like I do sometimes.

What is your cosy night in like and who do you spend it with?


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