My favourite Clothing Brands On Asos

Hey everyone, it’s Caitlyn!

We all go through that one time where we are about due a huge splurge on Asos and can’t help yourself to have a browse through the newest additions of the season and some may just appear in your basket… I am so guilty of this. But I know if you’re like me, you may have some of your favourites go-to brands on Asos which you head to straight to see what they have new in… also guilty to this, but I thought I would share with you all my favourite clothing brands on Asos and I would love to know yours too!

1.) Pull&Bear

This brand is very 90’s based and sometimes a bit grunge, which I dig! I think it holds some incredible pieces and I love what they have on the market, I own a pair of trainers from here which I featured in My Spring Fashion Edit. 

2.) Noisy May

One of my all time favourites! This brand houses the denim but also has some amazing casual/laid back clothing like jackets, tops, sweatshirts etc. I remember I really liked a denim pinafore dress and it had a zip down the middle with a slogan on the side which I think said “sorry I’m late I didn’t want to come anywhere” it was so nice but they don’t have it no more, so wish I had bought it. But overall it’s an amazing brand which I always love to shop at!

3.) Adolescent clothing

I love the brand is my best friend when I’m looking for a graphic tee or a hoodie! I love the design they have and the colour scheme is just amazing, you should definitely check them out.

4.) Liquor and Poker

This brand is perfect for the embroidery and denim especially at the moment they have some amazing clothing on the market. I especially love the jeans, I think they’re super stylish!

5.) Nike and Adidas

Now I did put these two together because I do love them both and I find that I always tend to shop for all my Nike or Adidas clothing through Asos as they have some pieces which you can find nowhere else. Definitely one of my favourite brands within Asos.

I do have a few more but these are probably my all-round favourites and who I tend to spend a bit of my money with…lol. I am thinking about turning this into a monthly occurrence but I will switch it up and do accessories, shoes, stationery, beauty etc as I think it would be super cool!

Please let me know some of your favourite brands to check out!

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