My Brighton / London Vacation

Hey everyone!

This week has been a very busy week, not going to lie. I have actually been away for a while with my grandparents and we went to Brighton and London. It was so much fun! Brighton and London has been places I have always wanted to visit and I finally managed to see them and it was such an experience. I know it sounds so weird, but I have seen so many pictures and videos of the places and it just felt so surreal to be standing there in London and walking around Brighton. Even just the smell of the fresh sea air while walking along Brighton pier or walking through the busy streets of London, it just all felt so surreal. I was like I’m in the dream world even though it’s all reality!

We also stayed with family and spent time with them, so when we stayed at Brighton we stayed with my Grandad’s niece I think (not entirely sure if that’s correct I mean the family is so big) then when we travelled to London and we stayed with Shawn and his family AKA my favourite cousin! It was so much fun hanging out with him and his girlfriend Molly who are two of the nicest people ever!

Then I travelled home yesterday which was sad to leave them all. I love to travel but nothing is better than being back in your own bed too, am I right? I can’t wait to go back and I hope you enjoy the video I made of my journey there.

(Also I don’t know what’s up with the quality of the video because it was in HD)


Hobbie Stewart – How you love it



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