My Bedtime Beauty Routine

Hey Everyone,  it’s Caitlyn and welcome back!

Bedtime beauty is a huge part of my night time ritual routine and getting your beauty sleep is so important within maintaining a healthy lifestyle because not only will it affect you physically but also mentally. I don’t know about you but I love my sleep and if I don’t have at least 8 hours i’m not a happy bunny (haha)! Today I thought I would share with you all how I try to relax and also share with you some of my bedside beauty products to help you achieve a relaxed evening ready to hit the sack!

Before I do anything I always find that having a few hours in the evening to myself can really help me and by this I mean turning off all social media for a few hours to help me relax.

My first step to help me wind down is to throw on my fave pj’s and my white robe. I always think wearing a comfy robe helps you become all snuggly and relaxed which is definitely what you want to achieve. I actually got my robe from Primark for only 10 pounds which is so good for the price and I love this it’s my favourite thing. I’m not sure if it’s still there because I got it around December last year so I’m not sure it will still be there. After this I just like to cleanse and moisturise my skin to make me feel refreshed, then it’s time to get down to the essentials!

When I come into my room I like to make it all cosy by lighting some candles and switching on some fairy lights and this helps me feel very chilled and relaxed as well as make the room cosy. I always find having some background noise helps me wind down and at the moment I am loving listening to podcasts and the one I highly recommend is Hello Bump by Angela and Matt Lanter who you all probably know and love. Recently they just announced they were having a baby which was so exciting and they’re documenting their pregnancy journey which I love and it is so inspiring and interesting to listen to. If you haven’t heard it already make sure to check it out and show them both some love because it is good.

 I find you can’t have bedtime beauty without some essential products to help

you through the evening! On my dressing table, I have a white skewer plate from Ikea and I keep my every day important products on that dish. An essential which I have to include in my bedtime beauty is applying an eye cream and I use Superdrug’s vitamin E cream. I just apply this to my fingers and just dab it gently under my eyes to help hydrate and moisturise. By applying an eye cream it just helps hydrate but also reduces my fine lines therefore it’s a win win! Then I apply my trusty Zoella Wonder Hand cream which has lasted me so long I cannot tell and then some lip balm. At the moment I am using The Body Shop’s born lippyand it smells of WATERMELON! How insane! I use it 24/7 just for that…nope just me…okay haha! No I do love it because you only need to apply a little bit as it’s so hydrating and moisturising I highly recommend it.

After my skin is all prepped and I feel super refreshed it’s time to make my self some herbal tea. I love having a hot beverage before sleeping as it makes me feel warm and helps me sleep. I either like to have green tea, camomile tea or Earl Grey as it’s great for relaxing and helping wind down and has definitely helped me which is why I thought it was essential to include. After I have made my cup of tea it’s time to jump into bed. I don’t know about you but I love having a few cushions in my bed and a throw as it just makes it that extra comfy and helps me achieve my perfect night’s sleep.

Once I am all comfy it’s time to grab my laptop and watch some One Tree Hill! Shoutout to all the fans out there! I have been addicted to the series and I am currently on season six and I really don’t want it to end but I like to watch an episode of that while I am currently chilling. Then after that I like to read a chapter of a book I am reading and at the moment that is The Great Gatsby which I am enjoying. Then it’s time to hit the pillows into la la land!

I find achieving a good night’s sleep is always great for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and I would love to know what beauty sleep means to you and some of you’re bedside beauty essentials – in the comments below!


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