M&S Beauty Advent Calendar Launch

As soon as we roll into the month of November, it definitely becomes that little bit more festive in the stores whether if that is pulling out the Christmas jumpers, putting on the festive playlist or seeing the shelves filling up with gift sets you could buy which is one of my favourite parts because I love the festive season! Not to mention the food such as the excuse to eat as much chocolate as one can eat, however, if you’re a beauty lover like myself you will notice some people are switching out the chocolate advent calendars for beauty products either make-up or skin care. Ever so kindly I was invited down to the M&S beauty event here in Newcastle for the launch of their beauty advent calendar 2018, which I was super excited about. Obviously, I had to bring Demi because we love going to events together and since we both love beauty, I thought it would be fun to attend as well as having a bit of a catch-up.

You can find Demi available here: https://www.youtube.com/user/demixpink

Upon arrival of the event, we were kindly greeted with drinks and light refreshments which was so lovely as well as meeting some new faces. In light of it being a beauty event, there were some demonstrations by brands: Pixi beauty, Colour wow and Filorga as well as a fashion showcasing some of the new winter fashion which is available in Mark & Spencers. Kicking the event of we had a demonstration from Pixi beauty who showed us how to create a natural but glam makeup look from prepping your skin to applying a final lip colour. Pixi has always been a brand which has been well known for their skin care especially their famous glow tonic which is an exfoliating toner and one of their best selling products. The demonstration consisted of a simple cleanse and moisturise as well as a makeover. There were many different products used, however, I thought I would just pick out some of my favourites that I would love to try, therefore, you can check them out. Two of my favourite skin care products had to be the Hydrating Milk Mist which is great for applying before your makeup and on a night time because it acts as a moisturiser but gives you that hydrating, refreshing glow. One of my other favourites had to be the retinol tonic which is currently a new release for Pixi and it is great for anti ageing as well as breakouts, scarring and pigmentation which is great if you’re wanting a product which is going to help your skin.

Pixi is definitely a brand which I consider great for skin care and have such a variety including a range of makeup too. One of my new favourite items had to be the Fairy lights liquid eyeshadow. In the demonstration, this was popped along the lash line to add that subtle shimmer which I think is so gorgeous but you could even do a cut crease or a full shimmer eye look with this one product. It is definitely going to be a staple in the makeup bag ladies for party season approaching.

If you want to know more about Pixi and their products available here: Pixi Beauty

Moving on, the next demonstration was from ColourWow which is a brand I wasn’t too familiar with but I have become very intrigued with. Now you know how you see perfect Instagram photos of Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande with a slick back ponytail and their hairline looks perfect, well if you want to achieve this look, Colour Wow has got your back. You just take the power and fill it in the sparse areas where your hairline is naturally and it covers them up. It is that simple and effective. Not to mention it is wind and waterproof, therefore, it won’t run down your face or move out of place if the weather is bad. It comes in a variety of colours and can also be a bonus to touch up your roots before you’re waiting to get them done at the hairdressers. Win Win I say!

They also do a range of other hair products which available on their site: Color Wow

The final demonstration was from another brand I had never heard of before but it is housed in the M&S beauty section and is a skin care brand called Filorga. They do some amazing skin care products which and they do products for all types of skin and as I was having a browse on their website after the event I even noticed they have a section called ‘needs’ which actually lists all the aims you want to achieve with your skin. This is a great idea if you want particular products which help your skin. One of my favourite products used in the demonstration was the Time-filler mask and you just apply this like a sheet mask which provides you with smoother and younger looking skin because it contains collagen which is great for hydrating and reducing the wrinkles in your skin. It is definitely a brand I would love to research more about and try more of their products.

If you would like to see more of their range and information it is available on their site: Filorga

We also had a mini fashion show showcasing some of the new fashion for men and woman such as casual outfits, sleepwear and party outfits which you can view some of these on their website. However, you’re all probably dying to know about the new beauty advent calendar so I am going to stop rambling and finally share it with you all. This calendar is like a skin care dream come true bringing you some amazing products from Pixi, Ren, Filorga, Stila, Balance me and so much more. Personally, I find this advent calendar great but it is not one I would buy intentionally just because I find it targets more people a little older than me and I would use some of the products but not all of them, therefore, I think someone like my mum or nanna would find more use out it. Overall it is still a great calendar which you get your money’s worth and is available in stores and online, however, as I’m writing this I currently think it’s sold out online which is insane. But definitely keep your eye out because I am sure they will come back in stock very soon.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog post and thank you so much to M&S for having me and I can’t wait to try out some of the products!



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