Chocolate heaven: Lush Cupcake Face mask

Hello everyone!

It’s time I thought I done a review on this product because I have been meaning to write it for ages and I thought it would be good to write it now when I’m currently loving it.

The product I’m going to be reviewing is one of the face masks from Lush which is called Cupcake. Some of you may have never heard it before or you could currently have it in your house at this moment in time, who knows…

I have never tried face masks from Lush before so in a way I didn’t really know what to expect from it. I had seen them loads of times in my local Lush store and had a smell of them but never really purchased one and tried it out for myself. I was in the need of a new face mask and I wanted to try something different and something I had never tried before so I thought why not try one from Lush. I went to my local Lush and I didn’t know what one to get so I spoke to the kind assistant at Lush and the one she recommended for me was Cupcake due to my skin type.

I had heard a lot of mixed reviews of this product so I thought I would test it for myself and see what result it gave me.

Cupcake is a huge favourite at Lush in the face mask realm and some of it’s main ingredients are rhassoul mud and linseed infusion. Both of these ingredients are key and are great for the skin. The rhassoul mud results in your skin being very soft and smooth but also very cleansed. Then the linseed infusion really nourishes the skin with all the goodness and nutrients it needs. I really like this because it’s all natural and good ingredients which is heaven for the skin. I know it looks like chocolate but don’t eat it and if you do you may turn into chocolate… I don’t know.

Many people tend to purchase this product because it is a miracle for teenage and oily skin. Now I apply this twice a week and I generally did notice a difference in my skin which is amazing and even my mum would notice it too. The one thing I would point out is that don’t expect to use it once and all your spots will go away or you won’t have oily skin anymore. It doesn’t happen overnight. It took me about a week or two before I started noticing a difference but I do think it is a good product to try if you suffer from acne or oily skin because it does make a difference in the time you use it.

The only downside I would say about this product is the smell. I’m not the biggest fan of it I don’t know why but the smell just doesn’t appeal to me but that doesn’t phase me. I can definitely say I will be purchasing lots of more of the Lush face masks because they can work wonders to the skin!

What is your favourite Lush Face mask?

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