Love Is In The Air | Lush Valentines Range 2017

Hey everyone, it’s Caitlyn!

If you have been around here for a while, you will know how much of a Lush lover I truly am and when it comes to any specific holiday Lush actually release a limited edition range of products for that particular holiday and since valentines day is around the corner, it is about time I got my hands on what they have for Valentines day. This being me popping into my local Lush on Friday morning and getting a few bits and pieces. I mainly picked up bath bombs and bubble bars because even though I am a lover for every type of product Lush do I would say their bath bombs and bubble bars are my holy grail bath essentials. Also, you can never have too many Lush products!

 As I went in I picked up three bath bombs which were Sex Bomb, Cupid and Lover Lamp. Sex bomb is actually not part of their Valentines’s range however I felt like it looked perfect with the others and it just ties in perfect with valentines because of the rose and the colour of it. I have had this one before and loved it. It turns your bath water a beautiful purple and pink shade and it’s so satisfying watching the rose in the top come out and fizz away too. This one is great if you have had a stressful day and you just need some me time because it’s full of ylang-ylang and helps you to de-stress.

Cupid, I have actually never had before and I can’t remember if Lush has had this one before or if it’s new this year but I can’t wait to try this one! It smells just like roses, it’s very floral and a feminine scent and this will turn your bath an amazing pink shade (Well I presume from seeing on the website) and make you smell like you have just bathed in flowers. That sounds really strange I said that, imagine if people did that haha. Finally the last of the bath bombs I picked up was Lover Lamp and this one is completely new to my collection too because I have never tried this one as well, which makes it even more exciting. This one I had to pick up while I was having my little browse because it just looked so sweet and it smells incredible as it’s full of cocoa butter which is also really good for your skin, so you will come out your bath with super soft skin and feeling great. I mean I am a sucker for cocoa butter so this had to be a must-have in my basket but when I tested this one in the store it turned the water white and then you see the little hearts inside the bath bomb, well they actually float in your water. Like What! Now if that isn’t a valentines bath extravaganza I don’t know what is!

 After Bath bombs, of course, I had to pick up some bubble bars because they are also essential in my Lush basket. Yes, I have a Lush basket as well full of all my Lush products, told you I am a huge lover. The two I picked up were Unicorn Horn and LadyBird. These two are so adorable, creds to creativity on this one Lush like I actually don’t even know if I want to crumble these under the water as they’re just too sweet. Unicorn Horn speaks for its self really, I mean it’s everything you could want within a bubble bar it has rainbow colour and glitter and is shaped like a unicorn horn! This smells incredible too, like I am currently writing this sniffing the product as it just smells incredible and it creates mounts of bubbles not to mention it turns your bath water an orange shade and it’s meant to leave you feeling very happy and cheerful so if you’re having a bad day pop this guy under the water and trust me you will start to feel better.

Now this guy, how cute is he! I will probably have to save this one till last because I just find him so adorable as he is a little ladybug. As the same as the unicorn horn, you crumble it under the running water to create bubbles. This little ladybug is great for relaxing the mind and body and leaves your water a beautiful red and orange colour just like the ladybug. This again also has a very floral scent which clearly ties in with the valentines range but I can’t wait to try them out!

I can’t wait to use all of these products and like I said you can never have too many Lush products and make sure to get your hands on the valentines collection before it goes out of stores as you won’t want to miss out. I forgot to mention as well if you’re by any chance struggling to buy your partner/husband/girlfriend etc anything for valentines day then get yourself to Lush because they have got some great products in this year and not just bath stuff but they also have shower gels, lips scrubs and so much more. The gift sets are incredible and they have something for everyone!

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Happy Valentines day everyone for Tuesday!

Whatever your plans have a good day and make it one to remember.

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