It’s Sparkler Season..

I can’t believe we’re in November already this year is going to quick! Since we’re in November it’s that time of the year again where sparklers start appearing in the dark and we can hear the sound of loud fireworks outside. Now I don’t know about you but I love bonfire night, I always have and I thought I would share with you all my tradition of what I do on Bonfire night. Bonfire night is an event here in the UK which takes place on the 5th of November where we always celebrate the history of Guy Fawkes through a fireworks celebration. On the 5th of November, I and my girls always go to the firework display which is about 5 minutes away from where I live. The event is on a field which has dipped if that makes sense and we stand around the edge where the hill is and watch the many different colours burst into the night’s sky. I love this time of year when you can wrap up with coats and scarves to head out the door with a hot chocolate in hand ready to see the display. During the event, we always tend to have a few sparklers because it is not bonfire night without them and they make it all really fun!

This year I wanted to get some amazing photos and wanted to try writing with the sparklers and let’s say this was a fail and attempt kind of idea. Some worked as you can see from the photos, however, some did not work as I couldn’t remember the shutter speed I had it on but we did manage to get a couple good ones which looked pretty sick.

I hope you all have a happy and safe bonfire night here in the UK and remember to sparkle the night away!!
Let me know what you do to celebrate?


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