It’s okay to…

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while, nearly a month since we last spoke and I apologise for my absence,it’s not what I planned. Recently I have been so busy doing my AS exams and on top of that I guess you could say I hit a bit of a speed bump in blogging. Recently I have been so stuck on what to plan or write when it comes to ideas because it’s not easy to just sit at the laptop and spill out a flood of words for you all. When it comes to blogging I love to be able to have good post which captures memories, words and some additional photos I am proud of. to and I have been stuck in this haze which I like to call blogger’s block and suddenly it hit me. Why do I stress myself into planning loads of posts? Why do I try to post once a week while dealing with everything else? But let me tell you,

It’s Okay.

You’re probably reading this post thinking Caitlyn, what on earth are you going on about? I found recently that when we get stressed, it tears everything apart. However it isn’t worth it and that’s why I’ve learned to just tell myself it’s okay.

It’s okay to do the things you want to do without worrying what others think.

It’s okay to voice your opinion if you are worried or need clarification on something.

It’s okay for you to feel the feelings you are feeling.

It’s okay for you to feel great in your own skin.

It’s okay to not be okay.

And that last one really hit me, because sometimes we aren’t okay. I hate showing my emotions in front of people and I keep a lot of to myself which necessarily makes me  worse really. But that’s why it’s okay. We’re all different in so many ways and sometimes we just need that reassurance or that break to heal us. It’s okay to enjoy yourself and take time out to do things which make you happy, whether if that’s blogging, going out for coffee or even just the simple things like spending time with family and friends. Since I have been off school for a few weeks due to me finishing my exams I have really enjoyed just spending time with my friends and enjoying life as it really doesn’t last forever. Enjoy every moment! Even if you don’t physically capture, it’s all about living in the moment.

‘Live in the moment, day by day, and don’t stress about the future. People are so caught up in looking into the future, that they kind of loose what’s in front of them’ 

– Jenna Ushkowitz


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