Is the Estrid razor worth it? | Review

-This post contains gifted items-

Self-care is something I love to do whether if it simply applying a face mask or having a pamper night because you only have one set of skin. However, something I always do without fail on my pamper night is shaving, which has become an essential step to my beauty routine. Recently, I have stepped up my shaving routine by using a brand new razor from a vegan brand called Estrid.

I wanted to talk about my own personal experience using the shaving kit and if it is worth purchasing, so if you would like to hear more information about the kit I received then carry on reading.

Shaving companies were created for men first and not only do they make us overpay but there is not a major market for women’s shaving kits. Estrid is a vegan subscription service which supplies razors straight to your doorstep every second month to keep you topped up. They wanted to create a product targeted towards a more female-based audience at an affordable price which led to the birth of the Estrid razor.

Packaging and the kit

When my parcel arrived and I was not sure what to expect because I had never received anything like it before but as soon as I took off the wrapper I fell in love with the packaging before I had even opened the box. It came in a small pastel pink box with wrapped writing embossed on the front and back which made it instantly cute in my eyes. Upon opening the package, it came beautifully wrapped in little envelopes which made it feel very exciting and personal but also ensured that nothing would be damaged.

In my kit I received:
1x Solid steel razor (pink)
It also comes in grey, blue, and orange
1x 5-blade cartridges
1x Wall holder

My experience

Let me get real with you, shaving can sometimes be such a pain and no pun intending there because it can really hurt sometimes. Usually, when I shave I like to use easily disposable razors, I have never invested in a good razor which I could use over and over again. Although, since I have tried out the Estrid starter kit I can say my views have changed.

I used the razor in the bath the other night and I am that girl always manages to cut herself by mistake but since using the kit I find it so much easier to avoid this. The razor just glided across my legs and if I am honest it was that smooth I could barely feel it across my skin because sometimes some razors can feel so harsh and sharp. The razor comes with a five-blade cartridge which you can easily remove filled with aloe vera and shea butter which makes your skin feel silky smooth and helps avoid any shaving bumps too.

However, my favourite part of this kit is that you also receive a holder to place your razor in. I don’t know if you are like me but I always lose my razors because there so easy to misplace but now I finally have a home for it to live. It instantly sticks with the vacuum pad on a smooth surface and I just think this idea is genius if I say so myself.

Overall, I was very impressed with the kit by Estrid and for £7.95 I think it is a great idea. Although who says just because you’re a woman you should have to shave. You should embrace your body because it is yours and it is beautiful. I would highly recommend checking out Estrid because you will not be disappointed.

Also, a percentage of each purchase is donated to Fawcett Society, the UK’s leading membership charity working for gender equality and women’s rights at work, at home and in public life which is incredible. As you can see I am obsessed.

What is your favourite razor brand?


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