How to style chunky trainers? Style tips from bloggers

We all find it great when our parents try to ‘get down with the kids’ and follow the hottest trends of the season. However, role reverse, dad trainers are back in fashion and I am so here for it.

I remember when I first saw this emerging trend and I stopped and thought to hang on, they’re not my vibe but that thought quickly changed. I was tempted to buy some of the classic Fila chunky trainers you see on everyone’s feet, everywhere you go but I never felt they would have complemented me and my style. But that soon changed after discovering these bad boys, because let’s be real we all dream of owning a pair of the classic Triple S trainers from Balenciaga but sometimes we have to opt for other options.

So girls, let me tell you about the perfect dupe I discovered in H&M.

These chunky trainers have been living on my feet for the past week and I am already obsessed, I mean literally, I have been trying to pair them with every outfit I own. However, I thought I would show you how I have styled them with an outfit for the perfect casual look. Along with some of the style tips of my fellow bloggers who I wanted to introduce to you!

First of all, I always find that with chunky trainers they can go with multiple looks whether you are going for a more day time casual look or going on a night out. Since I was heading to university on this day I decided to go for a more casual look but still adding a bit of edge. I paired my shoes with some light wash, high waisted mom jeans with frayed ends, I thought this added more of a cool vibe to the look. Then I decided to pair them with a long sleeve logo tee from Hollister along with my long brown camel coat from Topshop. Let me just say that this coat has definitely been creeping out of my wardrobe a lot more recently, mainly because if you live in the UK you will realise how strange the weather has been lately.

Chunky Trainers – H&M
Mom Jeans – Topshop
Coat – Topshop
Long sleeve logo tee – Hollister
Jewellery – Guess and Tommy Hilfiger

However, the beauty of style is that everyone has their own individuality with it, which is why I wanted to include some of my fellow bloggers who I follow to give you some further style inspiration about what they wear with their trainers. First up meet guest blogger, Wendy!

Wendy has always embraced her style through her social media! Wendy has embraced her favourite go to look!

“Here is my favourite way to style them, I love them with a pair of blue straight jeans and a
cute sweater or top for the perfect casual look.” 

She also found
“that they add a bit of height since I’m pretty short and they are super comfy.”
But she couldn’t be more right they are so comfortable.
If you want to shop Wendy’s look:
Trainers – Fila
Sweater – Zaful
Jeans – H&M
Bag – Misguided

If you would like to follow and keep up to date with Emma than make sure to follow her!
Instagram: @wendy_kims
Pinterest: (Wendy Kims)

Meet my second guest blogger Emma!

Emma has showcased a more chic day look which she has paired with blue jeans and a long sleeve white top and a statement necklace. As I was talking to Emma she told me
“I used to think I wasn’t cool enough to wear chunk trainers, but now I am obsessed. They are the perfect addition to a basic outfit to make a statement.

As she explains “I find they ‘boujee’ up a casual outfit, and they’re so comfy who can complain?
100% agreed with Emma, they are such a great piece to have!

Want to shop Emma’s look:
Trainers: Fila
Long sleeve top: Asos
Blue jeans: Primark
Necklaces: (Small) Accessorize
Long – Topshop

If you would like to follow and keep up to date with Emma than make sure to follow her!
Instagram: (@emma_sandford)
Twitter: (@itsemmasandford)
Pinterest: (Emma Sandford)

There are also many other ways which you can style an outfit such as skirts, trousers and dresses! I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and if you have noticed I have added a new section to my blog called ‘Style tips’ and each month there will be a post here where I will feature a different trend or piece you need in your wardrobe. I will be showing you how I have styled it as well as guest posts from bloggers, YouTubers and influencers where they will be sharing you their top style tips. If there is a particular look you want to see make sure to comment down below and let me know.



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  1. September 19, 2021 / 9:05 pm

    Post on point perfectly the fila trainers. they seem to match perfectly with jeans or skirts, 100% a must have trainer for girls for casual out days.

    Here is a link for anyone looking for nice shoes to walk around with great comfort and designs.

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