How to: Pinterest inspired Autumn Instagram grid

It is officially that time of year where my Instagram feed is full of everyone posting photos of pumpkin patch visits, Autumn bakes, decorating their porch for the season, and all of the above. It is officially my favourite season of the year, and I love nothing more but to look through so many photos for inspiration for my feed.

Here, on my blog, I wanted to provide you with how you; could create your own Pinterest aesthetic photos by simply using what you have around you. As follows here is my Autumn Instagram diary…

My Autumn inspired feed

Photo Credit: Caitlyn McAdam

One of my favourite parts about the season is all the festive food and – simply this can make an incredible photo opportunity too you can see in the first three images on my grid. These doughnuts were yum and are always a found favourite in the North East. R Place always kills it when it comes to the presentation as well as yummy flavours therefore it was the perfect opportunity to use for an image for Instagram. Not to mention; creating autumnal flatly with props such as magazines, hot drinks, and a Halloween-themed biscuit. You can arrange them whichever way you like and, then you have created your own flatly for the holiday season. Speaking of food, Autumn is a time for yummy hot chocolates and sweet treats which, is why you will always find me in a local coffee shop during October.

Coffee shops and cafes are some of my favourite places to take Instagram content and, if you live in Newcastle upon Tyne, Coffee Trader is one of my favourite places. Inside, the interior is cosy and welcoming and, they always have such a variety of items on the menu to choose from.

As we have already discussed location, is key when it comes to taking your Instagram content, and as you can see by my grid most, of my photos centre around the shades of Autumn, especially when it comes to leaves. Nothing screams like an Autumn setting by having lots of orange leaves in your feed. Whether you are heading out on a walk, visiting your local farm, or passing through a park with lots of greenery, I can guarantee there will be lots of leaves. Get creative with your photos you; can lie in them or throw them in the air but remember to take lots of them and, you have a lot to choose from.


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Where is your favourite places to take your Autumn photos? Tweet me @CaitlynMcadam.


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