How To Make Your Own Fashion Photoshoot

Hey Everyone, it’s Caitlyn and welcome back!

If you have been following my blog for a while or even just the past few months you will know how much I love fashion. It runs through my blood, it’s a big part of who I am and how I express myself and I do this through documenting my favourite outfits through photography. Over this past year I have posted a lot of outfit and style blog posts and this time I thought I would let you all on a little secret over here on CaitlynHearts and this is a little insight or ‘Behind The Scenes’ of how I style, design, location, timing and write my Fashion blog posts.

As a girl of extreme organisation I have to fully plan out my posts especially when it comes down to fashion and I mean down to detail, however the first thing I plan is my outfit of course – I mean that is the main focal point. Once I have chosen what I am going to be wearing it’s time to scope out the location of where I am going to be doing the photo shoot which is always a fun thing to do I find.

 I always love shooting in new locations which is why I always try somewhere different each time. Over each time I have shot in buildings, against brightly coloured walls – if you follow my instagram @caitlynmcadam you will know I am a sucker for posing by any graffiti or brightly coloured walls. However what you all don’t know is that if I am shooting behind a coloured wall or backdrop, my tip is to not shoot against the same colour as your outfit because you will camouflage…literally. I always try to get the colours to coordinate and contrast well together because it really makes the outfit stand out. Although I have done shoots within buildings, well known spots, cafes etc which I find are definitely a favourite spot to take blog pictures.

 After you have picked your favourite location or locations it’s time to pick the time you want to shoot. Now Since I live in the UK this can be a bit of an issue especially if I want to shoot outdoors because it’s mostly gloomy or raining. If it is a sunny day or even an over cast cloudy day I find shooting around 2pm to 5pm is my go to time for best lighting. I always find natural lighting is the best because it’s so natural and you can have it available to you at any point. We took these shots 4 and 5pm when the lighting was perfect – I mean you can see how much they captured the image and look at that highlight! Another way you can achieve perfect images is with a new design of camera by the company which will help you achieve the perfect lighting and it’s compact size therefore you can take it anywhere, if you would like to find out more check out their camera page.

Next step is to get writing, once you have all your images together and what I love with blogging is that it’s your own creative space to express your work. I hope this has helped and it has showed the real insight of my thought process when it comes to planning my fashion posts. If you would like to see more then feel free to let me know in the comments below.
*A big thank you to my photographer Sevgi who is a close friend of mine to help me shoot*
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