How to make the perfect chocolate nests for Easter

Easter is one of my favourite holidays of the year! In my house, it is a time of a lot of chocolate and sweet indulgence across the bank holiday weekend. However, it is also a prime opportunity to do a lot of baking which is why I am here to show you how to make some delicious chocolate easter nests for you and your family.

It is a very simple recipe which requires very little effort to make and very little ingredients to use. If you want to find out how to recreate this iconic, childhood sweet treat then carry on reading.

Step 1.) Line a muffin tray and place your 12 cases in the tray. If not just place them on a bench ready for later.

Step 2.) Fill up a pan with water and place it on medium-low heat.

Step 3.) Break up your chocolate bars into a glass bowl and place it over the pan to let the chocolate begin to melt. A key tip here is to always keep stirring the chocolate as it is melted because you don’t want it to burn or go lumpy.

Step 4.) Once all your chocolate has melted and is a smooth consistency, take it off the hob and leave it to cool on the side for a couple of minutes but keep stirring to ensure it doesn’t harden.

Step 5.) Grab your Rice Krispies (or a mixture of choice) and gradually begin to stir them into your melted chocolate to form lots of chocolate-coated Krispies.

Step 6.) Once all your Rice Krispies are coated and fully mixed, grab two teaspoons and carefully spoon the mix into your cupcake cases.

Step 7.) Once all of your cases are filled then it is time to decorate. I went for the classic Mini Eggs because what is Easter without them. They are super delicious! However, it is entirely up to you how you would decorate them.

Step 8.) Finally, place your little cakes in the fridge to set for about 30mins – 1 hour and then they should be ready to eat.

I hope your Easter is filled with lots of chocolate and yummy treats! If you want to recreate these make sure to tag me on Instagram @caitlynmcadam and #BakewithCaitlyn.


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