How to get ‘Bee-autiful’ skin | Review

Self-care is such an important part of living a healthy lifestyle which is why I schedule a certain part of my week to have complete relaxation whether if that is a pamper night or completing some gentle exercise, it is essential to have time to yourself. Another great way to relax is to use a facemask and we all know I love to use them. Peel off, sheet masks, you name, I love it! But recently, I have tried a new mask called Honey cleanse by Beloved Beauty.

Beloved Beauty wasn’t a brand that I have heard of until they contacted me to test their product but they produce, cleansers, facemasks, and a duo brush set. However, I was lucky enough to be gifted their Honey Cleanse which is one of their most popular products as seen in Vanity Fair, Glamour, and Vogue. 

The packaging on the cleanser had sold me already. It arrived in a small, yellow, rounded tin patterned with honeycomb which fits the theme of the product completely. As you open the product, you will notice the formula is just a power consistency which is made up of oatmeal flour, rice flour, honey extract, rosemary powder, chamomile powder, and marigold as stated on their website. This cruelty-free product is perfect for all skin types which I thought was very positive and is very quick and easy to use.

One of the positives, I would say I liked about the cleanser/ facemask was that you just mix a teaspoon of powder and four drops of water together to form a paste which actually looks like you are putting oatmeal on your face but I can reassure you it does work wonders. As you can see from the video in my Instagram post linked below, I used a brush to apply mine evenly all over my face mainly focusing on my T-zone. After I had left the mask on my face for around 15 minutes, I noticed a great difference when I washed it off with warm water. My skin felt much cleaner, smoother and reduced some redness I was experiencing too. According to their official website, it all helps:

★Removes blackheads and moisturises the skin

★ Combats acne-causing bacteria and has an anti-inflammatory effect

★ Supports wound healing and reduce skin redness

Although the product was very good, the one flaw I would had with it was that since it was a combined mixture of water and the powder it felt quite lumpy but I just added more water to smoothen the mixture. However, when I was applying the product to my face there was a lot of fall out and it was quite messy which I don’t like in a face mask. Therefore, I would recommend you to put a towel or some tissue down to avoid this issue.

I would definitely use this mask again and you know I always give my honest opinion to any products I buy or receive because I want you all to enjoy them too. Let me know what your favourite face mask is and make sure to check out Beloved Beauty for further information too.

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