The Best Way To Clean Your Brushes

I assume it all comes to that time when are make-up brushes are looking a bit dirty and in need of a good wash, so today I thought I would let you all in on my little secret on to how I clean my makeup brushes.

When it comes to cleaning my brushes I tend to be one of them people who cleans them very regular. I own a few foundation brushes and I tend to use one for a week, wash it and change to a clean brush. You may think, Caitlyn…what?! However I am one of them people who is prone to oily and acne prone skin which means that I don’t like to use a dirty makeup brush because as you’re using the brush, make up and bacteria is building up and up which you’re applying to your face which we all know isn’t to nice. It is similar to my powder  brushes I use for two weeks then wash it and change to a clean one and my eye brushes I clean every few weeks. I suppose everyone is different to how often they clean their brushes but personally I do love clean brushes, it makes applying make up so much better.

Step 1- Grab all your brushes that are in need of a clean and head over to the sink. I use Dove hand wash to clean my brushes as they are left feeling super soft and smell amazing. Wet your brush with warm water. You don’t want the temperature to be too hot.

Step 2 – Apply your brush cleaner!

Step 3 – Swirl the brush in the palm of your hand or inside the sink so bubbles foam and remember to dampen the brush as you go to remove excess bubbles and makeup!

Step 5 – Finally after all your brushes are clean just leave them out near a window or on a flat surface to dry.

 Voila! It’s as simple and effective as that and trusts a girl who knows what it’s like as sometimes I do find it a chore to clean my brushes, however, the Dove wash leaves my brushes feeling cleaner than ever!
Let me know in the comments below products to clean my brushes with and your secret methods to get them brushes looking brand new!


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