Here is to 2020 | My January Reflection

January is always the first point of the year where everyone sets goals to the limit and by that, I mean making them achievable or lifelong goals for the year ahead. I still can’t believe how quick this month has gone, but for me, it has been a month where I have had the chance to reflect on a lot of things as well enjoy myself too.

Then came 2020! Happy new year all around! Like Hello new decade! I was ready for this year because there are so many exciting things happening and so much I want to share. During this month, I had been off University because we start semester 2 at the end of January but that still didn’t mean I had to stop working. I have been very productive catching up with revision as well as completing assignments which were due, therefore I have still been busy bee during the winter break. I still can’t grasp that I am in my second year of Uni, the thought of graduating next year is mind-blowing. It feels like just yesterday that I was starting as a first-year and here we are. It’s true when they say time does fly! Apart from sitting the one exam this month, my brain feels it has completely recharged and is ready to take on the new modules this year.

Another positive to come out January was that I have been keeping up with my driving lessons too. Learning to drive can be the scariest thing to do in the world, not even kidding even though I sound so dramatic! I remember when I was first looking to start my lessons, I was petrified I was going to crash or something would go wrong but take it from me a girl who barely knows her directions it isn’t as bad as it seems. Once you get going and have a good instructor then it will be a breeze. The one thing I have learned from driving is that it takes patience and it is a tough skill to learn but it will be worth it in the long run. I am so close to passing my test and even though it terrifies me I am so proud of myself for doing it because I would never regret it and I can see it is going to be a great skill to have. I am going to follow up with more driving blog posts including tips and tricks to pass your theory and handling your confidence. Watch this space!

During a point in my winter break there was so much I realised about myself. It was one of the moments where I was seeing my life from the outside and as I was messaging my friend the other day we both agreed how 2020 begun with so much optimism and positivity. It felt like there was something in the air which sprung so much creativity and motivation. Along with this month, I have spent a lot of time into my relationship which has been one of the best parts of this month. I realised how happy I was and the happiest I had been in a while. It is crazy finding someone who connects with you so much (still can’t believe it has been a year in April). I also made it my goal this year to spend more time with my girls, even seeing them once a week or two weeks because it is just as important to living a healthier lifestyle mentally as well as physically.

Speaking of physical, I have actually turned into a gym bunny. Sorry Caitlyn, come again?

Never thought I would see the day where I am using my gym membership after months of my card sitting in my purse. By taking up the gym and swimming it has made me feel so much better and confident about myself which is why I do believe this year is going to be filled with positivity. For once I have realised why should I care what others think? Why do I need the negativity? For once, I was generally enjoying life and having fun which is why I am going to make 2020 my year. There is so much I have planned that I want to achieve and in terms of content, you will soon see a lot more from me and here is to the end of a brand new year. 2020, I am coming for you!

What are you excited for this year?

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