Glossybox ‘Sleep and refresh’ edit

After the new year, it gets that little colder and it is time to get back into a routine after the festive period which is why Glossy Box have brought you their ‘Sleep and Refresh’ edit to prepare you for the year ahead.

Glossybox is a monthly beauty subscription company where you can receive five amazing beauty products worth over £50 delivered to your door in a signature pink box. How amazing is that?! It’s very simple to sign up by choosing a subscription plan: £10 a month or £8.50 for a 12-month plan. Then simply wait for it to be delivered.

If you want to discover some new beauty essentials to give you a healthy glow then carry on reading.

Strawberry booster
Made from upcycled seeds and 100% cold-pressed strawberry seed oil, this booster is the perfect solution for soothing and nourishing the skin especially in the winter because the skin can become very dry and needs extra care to ensure it is fully hydrated. By applying two drops onto your hands and gently massaging into the skins using circular motions to provide you with a radiant boost. Get your January glow ladies.
Available to purchase on at £12

Clear brow gel
Brow gels are just a lifesaver. You can use them to shape your brows and hold the hairs in place or to set the colour you have applied. This brow gel is vegan and cruelty-free with a lightweight formula and a thick applicator to cover your brows and keep them set all day long. Sometimes I prefer a clear gel if I am going for a more natural look, however, I do prefer to use a coloured brow gel because it adds more definition and colour.
Available to purchase on at £14

Having perfect brows is sometimes all you need to feel a bit fresher, I know every time I get my eyebrows threaded, I find it so much easier to do my eyebrows. However, I don’t do themself because I get scared I will ruin them but these tweezers will work perfectly for stray hairs. They are the perfect pastel pink colour with a slant tip for you to use to give you a perfect shape. This will save you some coins and they will become essential in your cosmetic bag.
Available to purchase on at £15.50

CBD Oil infused mask
CBD oil is becoming a popular ingredient in the beauty industry because it helps restore a calm, soothing complexion by evening out your skin tone and reducing blemishes. We all love a good sheet mask especially after a long busy week because are skin can become tired and in need of some self-care. After 20 minutes of this mask, you will notice a big difference in your skin and it will make you feel like a new person.
Available to purchase on at £5.95

Double effect makeup remover
I never sleep with my makeup on even after a hectic night out I still always take it off because it isn’t healthy for the skin and can cause breakouts or signs of premature ageing. I always use micellar water to double cleanse the makeup off my face and I think this will be a great product to try out. Formulated with an oily phase removing long-lasting and waterproof makeup it gently cleanses and tones the skin in prep for your nighttime skin routine. It takes five minutes to remove makeup and by using this cleanser it will strip back the dirt and leave you with healthier-looking skin.
Available to purchase on at £10.30

What are your go-to products for perfect skin in the winter, let me know below and check out Glossybox to receive your monthly surprise of products.


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