Day to Night Outfit with Aurate New York

Hey everyone it’s Caitlyn and welcome back,

Today I thought I would share with you all a project I have been working on with Aurate New York called the day to night outfit challenge. As a girl who has always loved fashion and being on the go I thought that I would showcase an outfit which is suitable for to transition from day to night for all us ladies out there who need a little inspiration.

Aurate New York is a jewellery company with a powerful message to bring. Aurate NewYork is a direct-to-consumer jewellery brand, which offer luxurious pieces to pair with any outfit. As I researched more about the company, I discovered all their jewellery is handmade in New York City sourced from ethnically fine materials at an fine price to purchase. As well as their elegant designs, I also discovered they have partnered with Mastery Charter in a programme – A book for your look, where they donate books to under privilege children in the US with every piece of jewellery sold. I think this is such an incredible programme to have for such a wonderful cause and I would like to share with you more about it, if you would like to read the work behind it, feel free to check it out –A Book For Your Look  

If I have a busy day coming up and need an outfit to work throughout the day to the night time, I find a black pair of high waisted jeans can be a win win. They’re so casual but can be made classy which shows they can be perfect throughout the day as well as night time as you can style them how you like, maybe even with a belt. I paired my jeans with a white crochet crop top with my leather jacket draped over my shoulders to make it look a bit more chic. Since I am on my feet a lot throughout the day I just like to slip on my vans or converse as there is nothing worse then having sore feet if you’re on the go, am I right girls. To complete the look with accessories I added my New Look tote bag which I received as a gift for my birthday. I think this ties the outfit together and makes any girl feel great.

Leather Jacket – NewLook
Crochet crop top – NewLook
Jeans – TopShop
Bangle & watch – Michael Kors
Chelsea boots – NewLook
Bag – NewLook
In transition from day to night this look can be so easily adjusted to make it a bit more sophisticated by adding some staple jewellery to your look such as some stunning rose gold earrings and a rose gold bar necklace. I am absolutely obsessed, they’re so elegant and pretty which just compliments any outfit perfectly. Not to mention, how much I love rose gold jewellery so this was definitely a must have to transition my outfit for any evening. On the other hand it matches my staple Michael kors watch and bangle! In exchange for my vans, I chose a classic pair of black Chelsea boots to substitute just as nice therefore it adds a chic vibe to your look and that little bit of sexy.

If you would like to know more about Aurate NewYork and the wonderful team behind the company feel free to check the brand out as they have such an amazing story to tell which is so inspiring, not to mention their gorgeous jewellery especially their complete earring collection which offers luxurious pieces to pair with any outfit!

Feel free to shop my pieces and let me know in the comments below what your day to night outfit would be, I would love to know.


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