Carbon Coco Review | Is it worth the hype!?

Hey, guys, it’s Caitlyn and welcome back!

Today I have a very exciting product to share with you and a little something I have been working on for the past couple of weeks. Recently I got contacted by an Australian company called Carbon Coco who provide all natural products for oral and dental care. When I saw they wanted to send me some of their products to try I researched into the company further and seen they also had been mentioned on popular websites such as Buzzfeed, Pop Sugar and even the Huffington post with glowing reviews of one product in particular: The Ultimate Carbon kit. I had always wanted to try teeth whitening products so when Carbon Coco offered to send me some out to review I initially thought I would love to since I haven’t tried anything like it before, it’s completely new to me and seemed very exciting.

A few days later and my package had arrived and I don’t know about you but I love receiving parcels, I think it’s just seeing the product in person and getting to test it out, is just so exciting. In my package from Carbon Coco, it contained their Activated charcoal toothpaste (which is yes black toothpaste – how cool), activated charcoal tooth polish and a toothbrush with bamboo bristles.
I tried it out the following day using the step by step routine they recommended on the leaflet and to my surprise, the results were out of this world. You know when a certain product advertises in their brand image that you will see a difference in the first use and most of the time it doesn’t give off a dramatic difference, well Carbon Coco knocked it out the bag. After using the charcoal toothpaste I noticed a difference straight away with how much whiter and healthier my teeth looked. The Activated Charcoal fluoride-free formula fights cavities, plaque, gingivitis, bad breath and keeps your mouth refreshed all day long! It helps reduce that nasty bacteria build-up for up to 12 hours and works deep into preventing bacteria plaque. Another huge prop to Carbon Coco was the toothbrush you receive in the pack. The bristles are super soft not like any other toothbrush and the fact they are black isn’t like anything else on the market. It makes life a lot of easier instead of having to clean your toothbrush bristles after use if they were white since the charcoal can be a bit messy.
But after reading this post you’re probably thinking to yourself, is Carbon Coco really worth the hype? Well, I am here to answer that for you! An the answer is YES! The hype around the products is real guys, it is honestly one of the best products I have used for my teeth because I can instantly tell my teeth and mouth feels so much cleaner and healthier, it has blown my mind.

If you want to get your hands on this amazing set then I highly recommend it because you will not regret it at all. You can use my discount code ‘CaitlynHearts20’ for 20% off your purchase because you know I always love to help you guys out and give back to you. Secondly, I just wanted to give a big shout to the whole Carbon Coco team for wanting to work with me because it honestly means the world to me and they are so lovely which is reflected into their products and effort they put into their work. Finally, make sure you follow them on social media and make sure to check out their website to see all their products!

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I have a video live on my Instagram (@caitlynmcadam) right now where you can also see a tutorial of me using The Ultimate Carbon kit in action. It’s a must watch, where you can see the live results within minutes of the first use!

I hope to speak to you all soon and feel free to let me know if you purchase any products and what you think?


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