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So around Christmas time when me and my friends were exchanging gifts, one of my best friend’s Nikki had got me a gift set from Lush. This was the Buttercup gift set and to be fair I was pretty excited as I had never had it before. But I have literally only opened it today even though I received it at Christmas time. Anyways, the gift set contains two of the heart and soul of Lush products and they are the Honey I washed the kids soap and the butter ball bath bomb. Two products I have never really tried before so this was cool as I didn’t know what to expect.I also love the packaging on this so much it’s so cool I love it!

Gift set-Buttercup



Butter ball

This little guy can work wonders even though he is so small. I had never used this one before so I was pretty excited. This bath bomb works really well if you have dry, sensitive or irritated skin as it rehydrates it and makes it nice and replenished. It also contains cocoa butter pieces which melt in your bath and provides a lovely buttery scent. (So if you love sweet scents like me, you will probably like this)It’s also very good if you are feeling very stressed and upset as it relives anger and relaxes the nervous system. So if your having a bad day, run yourself a nice bath and pop one of these bad boys in and relax…

Bath bomb-Butter ball



Honey I washed the kids

So for a very long time this has been an all time favourite soap of mine but I never really purchased it before, I always said I wanted it but never bought it. This is why I’m happy it came in the gift set so thank you Nikki! It’s literally like a block of honey, it smells just so good. It is honey and caramel scented which is two of my favourites and put them together just makes heaven…Literally. The soap it’s self contains sweet wild oranges and bergamot oils which softens the skin but also brightens the mood. After every time I use this soap I will be smiling all day and everyday. I’m very excited to use it! (By the way the soap looks like a huge block of fudge in this picture, don’t you think or is it just me?)

Soap-Honey I washed the kids



I hope you enjoyed this and let me know in the comments below what your favourite products or gift sets are from Lush and you can also buy these products separate and not in the gift set so I have left the links for you guys.


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