Beauty Week Round up, The Bridges Sunderland

Hey Angels! It feels like this past couple of weeks has been a whirlwind like I have just blinked and it has all gone so quick but I guess you could say I have been super busy which is why things have been a little quiet around here. However, last week I had a very exciting time over at The Bridges in Sunderland to celebrate with them their first ever beauty week. You may be wondering like Caitlyn, what is beauty week? This was a 6-day event held by the shopping centre where there were opportunities to win prizes, free products, makeovers and leaving feeling fully pampered. But here was the best part there were so many different events going on that there was an opportunity to get involved with everything.

The full week, they had an event on which consisted of:
‘If you spend £20 or more on any skincare or beauty products, you can take your receipt to the customer service desk where you could pick a scratch card and have the chance to win anything from a full free makeover from MAC or No7, product samples and full-size perfume and much more’

I think it was an amazing opportunity for shoppers to engage with different brands and try out new products, you may even discover a new favourite mascara along the way. (I also won a free makeover from No7 which was incredible!)

Disclaimer: This was a gifted event by The Bridges and the products were gifted by the brands in the shopping centre.

On Thursday, I was kindly invited down to The Bridges, for their beauty safari as part of their late night shopping event for bloggers and influencers based in the North East. If you may be wondering a beauty safari is not like a normal safari, but it involves a lot of products and the chance to discover some new hidden favourites.

Upon arrival, we were greeted with tasty treats and you could hear the prosecco fizzing in the glasses, it was like the excitement that had filled me at the time considering I was in a room with a group of very powerful ladies. But at the end of the day, it made me feel great because we could all relate, we were all just a group of gals with a passion and you could feel the creativity in the air between us. After splitting into two groups we made our way around the different stores learning about each brand and testing some products out, one of my favourites had to be the Bronze Goddess collection from Estee Lauder. As described by the girl on the counter “it’s like a holiday in a jar” and she was right. It had transported me to the Maldives in one scent. The smell of fresh coconut and floral, it was so fresh, I loved it.

Along the way, we made a cleanser at Lush, which was really interesting seeing some favourite products being made and had so many amazing chats and demonstrations along the way including The Body Shop, Boots, Hotel Chocolat, Clinique, Doll Beauty (Inside Topshop) and ending at the Debenhams beauty community awards. At the end of the night, I didn’t have one empty hand and lots of bags, me and the blogger girls came away with a lot of products to try (*gifted) which was incredible. The event was a huge success and The Bridges were very hospitable and very friendly, especially Naomi, marketing and communications co-ordinator which was behind the victory of the event.

However, all great things have to come to an end, which it concluded on Saturday 6th July with a VIP event including master classes from celebrity make-up artist Amanda Bell and local fashion blogger Laura Ferry. If you would like to see more information about the event then click here

It was a great week for the shopping centre but also for Sunderland city centre and a great marketing technique for the brands.

Here is to the first of many and I can’t wait to see what the future will have in store for The Bridges.

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