Autumnal shopping trip!

Hey everyone!

Recently I went shopping, because I do love a good shop and especially since it is now autumn. All the summer stuff is out and the autumn bits have taken over the shops which I love. For example, I could walk into a shop and just be surrounded by cosy jumpers, big coats, scarfs everything autumnal. Then you have the candles and pumpkins and hot festive drinks, it’s just amazing! So I decided that it’s time I take a trip to town and see what I could find and let’s say I hit luck on a few items.

Vintage renewal t-shirt
I seen this top online and I knew straight away I really liked it so I went and bought it. It’s just such a nice white top with a roller blade badge in the corner of the top and a red rim round the neck and sleeves of the top. This will be nice and comfy to wear and also look good on a casual day.

Mustard jumper
I bought this jumper not long ago and let me tell you how cosy it is. I love the colour of it, I think it really ties in with autumn. It’s such a nice material and I will be wearing this throughout the colder months. I’ve never owned anything the colour mustard so I was unsure how it was going to looks but I really liked it so I decided to buy it.

Top Shop Joni jeans
You all know I love a good pair of Topshop jeans because they are the comfiest in the world. The pair I decided to go for were the black Joni jeans which are ripped at the knees and I really like them…a lot. They are also high wasted which I really like to. I swear by the end of this year my wardrobe will be full of TopShop jeans, no kidding.

Nail Polish
I love buying new nail polishes because it gets me really excited with all the different colours I have… is that weird? I love Barry M nail polishes they are long wearing and have a range of different colours to choose from. I decided to buy one from the jelly range in the shade mustard. It’s such a pretty autumnal colour and matches my jumper which I find cute. Can you tell I have a slight obsession with the colour mustard right now and I was not going for the matching theme if that’s what you’re all thinking?

Lush bubble bar wand
I can’t believe Lush have their Christmas products in already it gets me so exciting, and I love their Halloween range too. I bought The Magic Of Christmas bubble bar wand and can I tell you how amazing it smells. It smells exactly like the honey and almond hot chocolate from Starbucks which got me very excited. It is a cinnamon and almond scent which just smells like autumn to me. I also love the colours of it and how it’s on a cinnamon stick, that’s so cool. Is it bad that I already bought Christmas products from Lush since we’re only in October…or is it just me?
Let me know because I don’t want to feel like I’m the only one.

I’m a lover for candles! Especially scented candles! My little candle trio on my desk is currently empty so I knew I need to stock up. I went to get some new candles and I wanted some autumn scented ones or even Halloween ones but I wasn’t a lover on the scents for the Halloween candles so I decided to get some autumn scented ones. I was so tempered to purchase some Christmas ones but I held back a bit. The temptation is really bad now for Christmas stuff but I’m staying calm.

I swear I have an on a grown collection of these, it’s becoming a habit. It’s just a pack of three of these scrunches. I decided to get some new ones and they came in a pack of three. I love the colours of these and patterns, they will look really nice when I wear my hair half up and half down. They are just sometimes so much nicer than ordinary hair ties. So go different and get some scrunches in your hair.



  1. Aiko C
    October 14, 2015 / 9:25 pm

    The Urban Renewal T shirt and the jeans are sooo nice! And I am SO excited for the Lush Christmas range too! x

    • Caitlyn Hearts
      October 15, 2015 / 4:01 pm

      Thank you I love them so much! Omg at least I'm not the only one, I need to go on a Lush shopping spree soon xx

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