August Favourites | 2017

Hey Everyone, it’s Caitlyn and welcome back!

It has been so long since I have sat down and shared with you some of the products I have been loving throughout the current month and I feel like this month I have been discovering so many new favourites that I have to share with you. I am the type of gal who loves to stick to her basics and not necessarily branch out to new products but recently I have had so many new favourites that I felt you guys all need to know about!

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Gloss

Typically I am the type of girl who reaches for more matte liquid lipstick etc as I never liked wearing gloss, I’m not entirely sure why I think I just don’t like the way it feels on my lips. However recently I think I have grown to love wearing glosses so much more! I actually realised when I finished doing my every day make up routine and I thought my lips look really nice natural therefore I just used my Body Shop Born Lippy which I talked about in one of my previous blog posts (My Bedtime Beauty Routine) and I thought, wow let me try a gloss on top to see how it looks and I think I found a new love. I have had this lip gloss for a while in my lip draw but never really reached for it until recently and now I have been wearing it all the time! The formula is nice, it doesn’t have a sticky consistency like some glosses and it glides onto your lips – I highly recommend it.
This retail from: £16.50
Available from Charlotte Tilbury

FemFresh shaving cream and balm
I thought I would talk about these two products because they have changed the shaving game completely in my eyes. I have tried various different products in the past but I feel like this defeats them all because it honestly leaves you with the smoothest skin in the world and it really does do what the product states: which cause no razor bumps or itch. Especially applying the balm after, which helps balance out the PH and is really hydrating for the skin. Thank you for recommending this Abby!
This retails from: £1.50 – £3.99 (depending on the store)
Available at: Boots, Superdrug, Tesco etc

Revlon Colourstay matte lip balm

For the past week or so this has been my HOLY GRAIL! I have not worn a red lip in so long and I mean months but I found this in my draw a week ago and I was obsessed. This is my perfect shade of red as it’s not too dark or too bright, it’s just right! It’s such a nice shade and formula as it dries matte and so easily to apply as it’s like a crayon.
This retails from: £7.99
Available from: Boots and Superdrug etc

Dove Body Lotion
We all love a good body lotion and I love trying new products every time (I have a basket full of skincare) and recently I picked this up when I was shopping as I thought, hey I’ll try it out. This has been my god send through out August! Since it comes in a big tub it lasts you for such a long time and what’s great is that during application you don’t need a lot of product as it’s so creamy and moisturising it just melts into your skin. I have a feeling this will be great when the colder months start to come as this will keep your skin very hydrated throughout winter.
This retails from: £1.99 – £6.99 (depending on the store)
Available from: Boots, Superdrug etc

Body Shop Hand Sanitiser
I always carry essentials around in my bag and hand sanitiser is one of them and I have been loving this one at the moment and it smells so good, of course as it smells of strawberry but it smells like Calpol (the medicine) which I had as a kid which is so weird haha. If your looking for some new hand sanitiser to throw in your bag then make sure to check out The Body Shop as they have so many different scents to choose from, as well as they’re travel size! Could it get any better.
This retails from: £2.50
Available from: The Body Shop

Garnier Summer Body Lotion Deep Sunkissed
This product is like holiday in a bottle, if that’s even possible. This summer I didn’t go away or get much sun since here in the UK the hot weather decided to come early (typical), which means I didn’t get a tan and even though I am pale, I do tan if I wear sun cream. I decided that I wanted a bit of colour so I borrowed this of my mum and it was a little too dark but it still worked like an absolute dream, it had legit made me look like I had been on a tropical summer holiday for a week. I was loving it! It lasts about a week when applied and it doesn’t make you patchy but before applying any sort of fake tan, remember to always exfoliate and shave before hand, you will thank me later 🙂
This retails from: £2.74 – £7.99 (Depending on the store)
Available from: Boots, Superdrug, FeelUnique etc

Adidas Stan Smith Trainers
You know how we all have that one pair of shoes we have owned for so long but never reach for in are wardrobe, well this has been me. I have owned my Adidas Stan Smith trainers for about two years and recently I have just been wearing them with every outfit. I don’t know why but adding a bit of green to my outfits recently has been a thing, which I have loved and these shoes have helped compliment that. They are still one of my favourite shoes in my collection and super comfy for any occasion!
This retails from: £44.99
Available from: Adidas, Office, Shoe etc

One Tree Hill
I Had to include a TV show in as what would a favourites be without telling you my favourite TV show at the moment and as you can see it has been, One Tree Hill. Now I know I am very late to the party on this occasion but hey go easy on me OTH fans, I am a One Tree Hill newbie! I am currently on season 7 so not long till I finish it but what an emotional journey it has been watching it, I don’t want to spoil anything but if you like shows about high school and adult hood around a group of friends as well teen dramas with great music then this show is for you!
Let me know who your favourite characters are?
Mine would probably be Nathan and Hailey #Nayley as well as Brooke Davis!!!

If your still here then I hope you enjoyed my favourites this month, and hopefully you discover some of these favourite yourself or try some out!
What has been your August favourites?
Let me know in the comments below!



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