About me

Hi everyone, my name is Caitlyn and welcome to my blog; my little corner of the internet.

I started this blog as a way to share my thoughts on the beauty products I had been loving and now it is a page filled with fashion and styling, self-care and lifestyle advice. I hope this blog is space where you can come for inspiration surrounding by fashion and beauty or just to read some feel-good content which you may love.

As a young blogger in the present day, I have been so fortunate to work with many different brands, attend exciting events and become a part of such an inspiring community of young ladies who share the same goal and love to help inspire others.


What is your full name?
Caitlyn Olivia McAdam

How old are you? 
I am 21-years-old.

Where are you from?
I am from Newcastle upon Tyne.

How do you take your photos?
On my iPhone or Nikon DSLR 3400.

Do you have a Youtube channel?
Yes, it is called Caitlyn McAdam and I cover similar topics to my blog
as well as vlogs.