About me

Launched as a space for creative individuals from all around the world who aspire a certain something in their life and I want you to feel this is a space you can come for any info regarding the growing fashion and beauty industry. 

Hey Angels, what’s new, it’s your girl Caitlyn here and welcome to this little space on the internet I like to call my home. If you love anything fashion related whether that is styling, trends, the hottest brands I am loving then you might want to make yourself comfy because I have a treat for you. I also cover beauty such as makeup and skincare I am loving as well as some lifestyle tips and advice to giving you an insight into my little life.

Caitlynhearts is a place where you can come for inspiration surrounding by fashion and beauty or just to read some feel-good content which you may love, then your girl’s got you!

This little blog features many different types of posts ranging from beauty tips to photoshoots and fashion hauls or even a few of my favourite baking recipes I share. However, some of my favourite posts I have written are in the Fashion and Beauty category which you can find at the header of the webpage. This gives you a direct guide to each category therefore if you have one specific interest you can find all the posts which surround your interests in there. As a young blogger in the present day, I have been so fortunate to work with many different brands, attend exciting events and become a part of such an inspiring community of young ladies who share the same goal and love to help inspire others. But like I said the great thing about having a blog is that It is completely my own area where I can share what I like and not only that but it helps me grow and learn too.

However, you may be wondering the big question? Why did you start your blog?

I started my blog back in 2015, I actually remember it so well it was just after Christmas and it was when I had my old bedroom and I had a desk where my dressing table currently is and I had given it great thought but then I just decided to take the plunge and launch my site. At the time when I started, blogging was becoming a rising phenomenon and I remember following some bloggers and just became so inspired. I have always had a creative eye especially when it comes to photography and I always used to love English at school so by pairing the two together I started to write up my own fashion hauls, tags and general lifestyle tips. This resulted in my ultimate passion for blogging and space for me to pour my creativity.

I am an 18-year-old girl from Newcastle Upon Tyne who loves fashion, travelling and is a sucker for anything minimalistic and chic which is why I spend half of my time of WeHeartIt. Girls can you relate?!

Now you know a bit more about me and the background surrounding Caitlynhearts, if you like what you found, I post every week on a Friday at 6 pm BST but if you’re a bit like me and can be a bit forgetful you can subscribe to this page by just entering your email which will notify you every time there is a new post live. I hope to see you around here again and make sure to follow me on social media to keep up with more updates. Happy reading xo