Hey everyone!!

It’s my birthday!! Not literally, but it has been one year of this blog and one year of CaitlynHearts. I started this blog on the 28/12/14 and a year later on this date and look where we are. Like how fast has that actually gone? I actually don’t really know what to say, to be honest. I’m so excited aha!

Let’s go from the beginning shall we, I started this blog on one Saturday night when I didn’t have much to do and it just seemed like a nice idea to do and maybe to even escape from everything that was happening around me. I wanted my blog to be based on subjects I enjoyed myself and also other people may enjoy such as fashion, beauty, life advice, baking and I combined it all into one website and bam CaitlynHearts was born.

This blog has opened me to a wide range of other blogs and I cannot tell you how amazing it is getting to read other people’s blogs and actually becoming friends with such amazing people who may share the same interest as you or a completely different subject. I just find it so cool and it’s great way to broaden your circle of people.

I actually haven’t got much more to say apart from thanking the people who read my blog and also taking time to comment or message me and it just really makes me happy inside and I’m so thankful to have met the people I have through blogging and also just enjoying documenting some special memories and capturing the special moments.


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